Designated Shot Watchers

Wayne brings up a great idea that has merit. As I explained to him, I am the designated ball watcher for my group all the time. Go figure.

Golfing on Kauai

Opinion: Pace of Play # 2 – Designated Shot Watchers –

By Wayne Halm –

In my last Pace of Play (PoP) post I promised ideas for achieving four and a half hour rounds – the Designated Shot Watcher idea will move golfers toward that goal.

Frequently I take on this responsibility unasked.  I watch everyone’s shots, make mental note of the position of any balls off the fairway, and lead the player to it.  Most of the time this is unnecessary – but when it is needed it greatly improves the PoP.

As much as I might like to, I can’t play golf with everyone.  I believe the Designated Shot Watcher idea needs to be formalized into the game.

I think golf courses should add another column to their scorecards.  There should be spaces for the players name and the name of the Designated Shot Watcher.  Each player should…

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