Do You Really Care About the FedEx Cup?

The FedEx Cup is intended to be an interesting golf competition because of the “play well – move on” format. However, over the past few years, my view on the FedEx Cup has started to change. At the Barclays, 125 players will start, but only 100 players will move on to the next event at the Deutsche Bank Championship. The third week at the BMW championship will only have 70 players competing; then at the TOUR Championship, 30 players will be left to vie for the 10 million dollar grand prize.

In previous posts, I suggested that the FedEx Cup would become infinitely more excited by adopting the World Cup format. Keep narrowing the field, but base it on how a player performs that week, not on the accumulation of points throughout the year. 

My view will not sit well with the most pundits, TV, advertisers, or PGA Tour. My suggestion has the potential to have the top players in the world heading home before the Tour Championship. This possibility would be bad for ratings and as such, bad for golf….or as the media makes us think.

Using my format, the top 30 players heading to this weeks tournament would include Louis Oosthuizen, Jim Herman, and Scott Piercy. Others like Rory McIlroy, Jason Dufner, and Jason Day would be not have to worry about cleaning their clubs for the upcoming weekend. If you posed the question, I bet most players would select the latter 3 to “make the final of the FedEx Cup more exciting”!

So I ask again: Do You Really Care About the FedEx Cup? Unfortunately, I do not care about who wins the FedEx Cup. The reason is that if Charl Schwartzel wins the Tour Championship, he cannot win the 10 million dollar prize. Other than pride and a chance to win $1,530,000, he cannot win the FedEx Cup. So what is the point of the format.

The way the FedEx Cup is set up, only the top for players have any real chance of winning the grand prize. To put this in a bit of perspective, Jason Day, who withdrew from the BMW Championships with a back injury, still has a chance to win. But to be perfectly clear, only Dustin Johnson and Patrick Reed have any chance of winning overall. So, I say again: Do You Really Care About the FedEx Cup?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Do You Really Care About the FedEx Cup?

  1. Jim,

    I don’t care as much as I think I should. Needs a format change. The stroke play events should narrow it down to a smaller field for match play…head to head for 10 Mill! Maybe in time the FedEx Cup will gain meaning, or evolve into a more riveting format.


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  2. Jim, I don’t care who wins either. When top names like Sergio and Stenson elect to skip a tournament during the “playoffs”, it’s not a real playoff. Just biding my time for the Ryder Cup. Now that’s a real competition!



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  3. To bluntly answer: No, I don’t care about the Fed Ex Cup and don’t know anyone who does. However, me and all my golfing friends are well aware and envious of the amount of money the champ takes home, so I guarantee the pros on tour care a lot about the Cup.

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