The 2022 FEDEX Championship

After 12 months, 44 events only one event remains on the 2021-22 PGA Tour schedule — the Tour Championship. The annual event is hosted at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta and welcomes the top 30 players in the FedEx Cup standings. The final tournament has the makings of being exciting as it is usually one of the strongest fields of the entire season. It should be fun, but I am not convinced that the current set up is really the best way to finish off the long grueling season.

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The FEDEX Cup Changes Again

The FEDEX Cup has evolved 11 times since its inception in 2007. Well today’s announcement makes in an even dozen. The PGA Tour’s attempts to even the playing field over the years was not as successful as they had hoped, so the change in the 2018/2019 format is to simplify the Tour Championship so fans do not have to take advanced math degrees like Bryson DeChambeau to understand who has a chance to win the final prize money. Unfortunately, I think the FEDEX Cup decision falls short, again, to make the it a viable and interesting playoff format. Continue reading

FedEx Cup is Almost Over

With the 10 million dollars on the line this weekend at the Tour Championship, the remaining 30 players are excited to tee it up at East Lake GC, Atlanta. I have said earlier that I am not overly excited about the FedEx Cup and that has not changed. I do, however, enjoy trying to pick the champion each week in my fantasy leagues.

I am in 4 leagues, but late entry has basically eliminated me from any potential winnings. To date, I have picked only one winner with a couple of second places. My lack of success this year has not quelled my continued efforts to succeed.

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Do You Really Care About the FedEx Cup?

The FedEx Cup is intended to be an interesting golf competition because of the “play well – move on” format. However, over the past few years, my view on the FedEx Cup has started to change. At the Barclays, 125 players will start, but only 100 players will move on to the next event at the Deutsche Bank Championship. The third week at the BMW championship will only have 70 players competing; then at the TOUR Championship, 30 players will be left to vie for the 10 million dollar grand prize.

In previous posts, I suggested that the FedEx Cup would become infinitely more excited by adopting the World Cup format. Keep narrowing the field, but base it on how a player performs that week, not on the accumulation of points throughout the year.  Continue reading

PGA Tour: These Guys are Good

I stumbled across this video: The top 10 shots of the 2013 FedEx Cup Playoffs. As I watch all the great shots, all I could do is smile. It is amazing how good professional golfers really are!

My favorite was Number 8. Scott Brown’s bounce off the cart path on a drivable par 4 hole. It brings back many memories of hitting something on the course which resulted in something special.

Which shot did you like the best? I would like to know!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.