The Ryder Cup is finally here. The players are ready, the media has created a frenzy, and the fan’s are ready. The European and US teams are all decked out in the cool duds as they tee it up this morning. Question now remains, who is going to reach 14 1/2 points first to claim the Ryder Cup?

If you listen to most of the media, the US team is heavily favored. They have a slight home course advantage and seem poised for their first win in …..

The Europeans are keeping it loose. The understand their situation and have been here before. Recent history demonstrates that they cannot be counted out at anytime!

Davis Love III and Darren Clarke have devised a winning strategy and one of them will be a genius and the other a goat! It really depends if their players can execute their plan as devised.

In my view, the veterans are responsible for driving their team to success. They should provide the leadership on and off the course to make sure their each player maximizes their opportunities in every match. They must play well and lead by example.

The rookies are the wild card. They too must play well, however they provide that boost of energy and excitement teams need to during times of stress. They are the unknown that the Europeans are counting on over the next few days.

The fans have a role as well. They should be respectful, enthusiastic and positive towards their team. In the past few Ryder Cups, the fans have acted unruly and created an unwanted distraction to the players. Fans have a role and in golf it is slightly different from a football game.

I have read the stats, news, research and opinions of many people. Some make compelling arguments; others it is just plan foolishness. Sitting on the fence is not really an option for sports fans, they must choose and root for their team.

In the case of this year’s Ryder Cup, I am applying a proven system when unsure who to cheer for. My system is fail safe and always provides me the excitement I want when watching sports. I always go for the underdog.

I decided who was the underdog by a poll I conducted not long ago. You the fans have made it very clear:

My method allows me to engage with the sporting event and enjoy each match. There are no excuses, deep thinking analytics or emotional ties to this process, it is a simple and works 100% of the time. Therefore, this year I am cheering for the European Team.

Who are you cheering for?


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