At The End, It Is All About The Game

We can discuss all things golf forever and still not run out of things to talk about. My favorite topic deals with the personal stories from fellow golfers. I like reading about the trials and tribulations of amateurs as they navigate their way around the links. It helps me relate to the challenges of my own game.

Fortunately, I have found many interesting blogs (mostly golf) to help expand my knowledge and perspective on playing great golf. Additionally, through the power of social media, I have connected with many like-minded golfers who enjoy sharing their thoughts and views. For this I am grateful. All these contacts have improved my game in many ways, yet is really about me or the game?
As I sift through the mountain of information, I have to keep reminding myself to stay focused on my area of study at that time. Don’t get me wrong, there are many days I just read golf articles for fun and in the back of my mind, I hope something sticks. However, there are some days where my research gleans more ideas than I can handle in one sitting.

Understanding what I am reading does pose challenges now and then. I will read a review on a piece of equipment only to realize that it is a powder puff article with no real value. Other times, the slightest comment will drive my research for a days that results in an article. Rule changes to grooves, strokes gained, or my series on choosing a golf ball that lead to an infographic are examples of what happens when I have a short conversation with someone.

having funNavigating through all the videos, tips, recommendations, and advice takes time and effort. As I separate the wheat from the chaff, I gain a greater understanding of my own limitations. Fortunately, I also find solutions that I try to implement through trial and error. Some tips work and others, well…..

I even provide the world with ‘according to The Grateful Golfer’ tips that work for me. I do not profess to be a professional teacher, nor to have the ultimate solution on any topic. Like most of my fellow bloggers, I discuss what works for my golf game in the hopes that it is helpful to some else. Ultimately, we share freely and enjoy spending time engaged in our favorite pastime.

The reason for this diatribe is to point out that our hobby or passion is larger than just ourselves. We enjoy all things golf and choose to spend time talking, practicing, watching or playing this amazing game. It is what we like to pursue and as such, most of us try to improve on skills on a regular basis. However, my view is slightly larger, I like to share what I learn in the hopes that it helps to ease someone else’s journey to be a better golfer.

Remember, At The End, It Is All About The Game!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “At The End, It Is All About The Game

  1. Jim, well stated. Yours is a keen observation regarding the exchange of information among golfers. That we share openly and try to help each other to the extent that we do is pretty unique in all of sports. I don’t think you’d find players at the highest level of the four major sports assisting each other as regularly as golfers do. Must be the kindred spirit that all golfers feel towards the never ending chase to solve the game’s ultimate challenges.



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