Storing Your Clubs During the Off Season

Taking care of your golf clubs is very important. Most of us invest thousands of dollars in our equipment; without proper care, they could prematurely wear out or break. In the northern climes, we have an extended off-season that forces us to store our clubs until needed in the spring.

Each year, I have a routine to ensure my sticks are ready for next spring. The process is nothing special but, in addition to my equipment, it helps provide closure to the sadness of the end of golf season. Of course, this is a bit dramatic, however storing my clubs properly protects my equipment and allows me to take stock on anything needing replacement.

My process is very straight forward; there’s no big secret and likely is identical to yours. But for those who just threw their clubs in the garage after their last round, this information might be helpful.

The Grateful Golfer’s 5-step End of Season Routine

1.     Clean your clubs 

I scrub the dirt off the club face and the grips. After cleaning them with soap and water, I let them air dry until there is no moisture left on the grips.

2.      Empty your golf bag

I empty my golf bag completely. I take stock of all my ‘stuff’ to see if anything is broken, low in quantity, or something that should not be left in my bag during the off-season. For example, I take out all the sunscreen, fly dope, creams or any other liquid that has the potential to leak over a few months.

3.      Take Inventory

I examine my golf ball supply. Christmas is a great time to replenish my dwindling resources. If my daughter is reading this – I would like to try the new Snell golf balls recommended by fellow golf blogger Mike Johnny from 36aday. You can order the Testing pack from Snell Golf. (I know this was cheap plug, but a golfer gotta do what a golfer gotta do!)

4.      Organize

I store my Garmin Approach 6 away from my clubs in a dry safe spot, somewhere that I will remember where I put it. This was a problem in the past.

5.      Store Safely

I put all my ‘stuff’, including my clubs, back in my bag which I store in my basement in a cool dry place. Considering the investment, I figure not exposing my clubs to minus 30 or 40 degrees Celsius is a good idea. There my clubs stay until early April!

Now my clubs are protected, cleaned, and ready for the 2017 golf season. My process may seem involved, but it really only takes about an hour or so. I think it is important to look after your golf equipment and storing my clubs properly during the off-season is a big step to caring for my golf equipment.

How do you store your clubs in the off-season?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Storing Your Clubs During the Off Season

  1. There is no off season where I live. My clubs stay right where they shouldn’t to be careful with them but where they are convenient just in case I get offered to join in a game while away from home. My trunk.

    I sometimes wonder if taking a break sometimes would do me good. But, the weather is nice all year round so I play. Twice a week unless there’s a hurricane or something. But I’ve even played with those off the coast. Got one drive over the trees during one once and it went close to 400 yards. I was using up the last of some free rounds I got from family to play at Copperhead before they expired. No idea how fast the gust the got it was, but it was a big one for sure.


  2. Jim,

    I love the shameless Xmas list plug! I try not to store my clubs for too long, as Beth and I like to get away a couple times during the winter, but it is always a great time to do inventory and get rid of the old food and crumbs that may have made their way to the bottom of the pouches throughout the summer, lol


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