Winning the FED Ex Standings

The race for the FED Ex Cup is underway and all the points gained over the past 8 weeks count towards making the 10 million dollar pay off. I try to pick winners each week in several fantasy leagues and I can tell you from experience that it is impossible to know who will win from week to week.

For example, this week at the Sony Open Justin Thomas started the tournament with a magical 59. As the youngest player in PGA Tour history to accomplish such a feat, I am pretty sure no one predicted Thomas running away with the top prize. Keeping this in mind, it is very challenging to determine who will have the most FED Ex points leading into the playoff or is it?

Keeping in mind that weekly winners will change, the player with the most FED Ex points will be the most consistent player over 20+ weeks of play. It is not really difficult to pick the top 10 players, yet who will be at the top, might be challenging.

Personally, I am not sure that one of the current top 5 players in the world will have accumulated the most FED EX points. I did ask a couple of days ago and this is what you had to say:

Given Dustin Johnson’s consistent play last year, he is a fantastic choice. He definitely has the game, but I am not convinced he will have the same success in 2017. I am not really sure anyone on the above list will take the lead.

It is going to be an unknown, relatively, who is going to come out of nowhere to confound the pundits. As a special point, I think that the Majors will play an important role in determining who will be the top point getter this year. I think that Rickie Fowler finally has the year everyone expects! He has had some great years, but this is going to be a spectacular year!

It is difficult to determine who will play well over the long run. There are so many factors that it is almost impossible to predict, yet many of us try. Who do you think will have the most FED Ex points before the playoffs?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

13 thoughts on “Winning the FED Ex Standings

      • Jim
        The new guy I am taking lessons with talked about many players who have unorthodox swings and some of the power players will fade soon. Their bodies will be unable to continue the hours of practice and number of swings. The wear and tear ( physical stress of the golf swing at such high speeds) will not allow them to have long careers.

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      • Interesting video. This guy doesn’t believe in the modem approach to swing mechanics so I question his method. I do like the people he mentions but to skip Tiger Woods swing from the early 2000s under Butch Harmon is somewhat remiss in my opinion. Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy have beautiful swings. In fact Charls Schwartzel is one of my favorite of all time. And while there isn’t a right or wrong way to do swing there is that common moment of impact – 6 inches before and after – where all great golfers are doing the exact same thing. This is a good topic. In fact it’s a great topic because I am chasing a perfect swing. It should lead to greater consistency and ultimately better scores. Heaven knows I just love this game !🏌🏻

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  1. How bout our fellow Canadian Mackenzie Hughes 🏌🏻👍👏. Actually I think it will be Rory. He just has so much game and he will be super energized to beat his childhood hero – Tiger Woods.


  2. Jim,
    Too early to predict on 2017 success because I need to see performance on some tougher courses after the tour completes it’s early-season birdie binge. Let’s see what these guys (Justin Thomas) can do on Riviera and Torrey Pines South. Thomas was amazing this past weekend though. Gawd, he can bomb it for a small scrawny guy!




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