Experiencing Golf Through Friends

One of the greatest gifts any snowbound golfer can receive is updates from friends on a golfing vacation. I realize many of you may not think this is such a great thing, but in my case, I am grateful for any updates on golfing trips; especially when they send pictures.

Rick and Karen are currently in the Palm Springs area enjoying 2 weeks of golfing in the sun. Rick is a golfing buddy of mine and we hit the links many times over the short northern Canadian season. I appreciate their efforts to share their golfing adventure. To add the icing on the cake for their trip, the patio of their lodgings faces the third hole of the Indian Springs Golf Club!


Indian Springs Golf Course, Indio, CA

To add more excitement to their amazing trip, they are attending the final round of the PGA CareerBuilder event at La Quinta, CA. They will walk the course with some golfing greats like Phil Mickelson and really get to see how good professional golfers really are. I hope they take a few pictures and maybe get an autograph or two. Regardless, their experience should be amazing!

Thanks Rick and Karen for thinking of me and sending a picture of a golf course without snow. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to hearing about all the birdies!

Fresh in from Rick and Karen (Sunday 22 Jan 17)

Cimarron Golf Course - Palm Springs, CA

Cimarron Golf Course – Palm Springs, CA


Rick on Cimarron Golf Course – Palm Springs, CA


Karen on Cimarron Golf Course – Palm Springs, CA

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Experiencing Golf Through Friends

  1. Hi GG
    Clint here, not been on as much lately as I have been promoted and subsequently find myself with even less free time as one would expect .. .. I would like to report that my game is currently at an all time low…developed the yips with my putting , rolling my head all over and topping shots left right n center and even my super consistent driving has become erratic…and I just don’t know what to do?…


    • Clint

      First, congrats on the promotion. Secondly, boo to the promotion for affecting your golf game! 😉

      As far as addressing your current golfing woes. I would start with putting. When I develop the yips, I become a more aggressive putter. I intentionally try to hit the ball 12 – 18 inches past the hole for strength. The line will take care of itself. By being more aggressive, the yips disappear very quickly.

      Your hitting woes can be fixed by becoming less aggressive with your swing. Take the time to make a full and relaxed swing. It will affect the distance a bit, but it will quickly put you back into the normal groove of your swing.

      Remember to be patient and try not to let your life changes creep into your golf game. Everything will work out to a comfortable balance if you just let it.

      Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing about your successes on the course.


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  2. Sorry no pictures, but I did get in 33 holes today. I played right up until dark. Except for the fact that the rates go up, this is my favorite time of year for golfing because of our weather down here in Florida. Summer can be a drain because of the heat, but this time of year, you feel so energized.

    Since you had the grip poll the other day, I thought you would enjoy hearing that I tested another grip style today. I played my first 9 with a interlock grip before going back to my normal overlap grip. I must say it did feel like I had more power with the interlock grip and it didn’t seem to cause me any issues with control. In fact it felt good as far as my connection to the club goes.

    I liked it for my golf game, but it did cause some pain in the finger. All in all though, it was fun to experiment a little out there and I was surprised how little difference it made to my ability to make a good connection with the club and to the ball. I really thought before started that it would cause me more trouble.


    • Kevin

      Thanks for sharing. At first I would cause pain in my baby finger of my right hand. Then I realized that I was gripping the club to tight. Might be the same for you. 33 holes….that is awesome. Did you walk or cart it?



      • The course I played only allows full members to walk and even they have to wait until 2 in the afternoon. A lot of courses around here are like that. And this is one of only two I have found that allow me to just keep playing all day on one greens fee. The other is city owned and the slowest course in town. I could walk all day there, but I’d be lucky to get those 33 holes in if I had all day. The one I played is much better on that score. Even this time of year when they are at their busiest, I was able to get through with those 33 holes in about 5 hours at this course which is the reason why they get most of my golfing money throughout the year.

        I will remember your advice when I hit the range this week and see if that helps. I know that thought crossed my mind, but I don’t remember really trying to keep it loose after that one stray thought so I’d guess you hit the nail on the head.

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