The Masters -What to Watch

For the first time in years, I sat and watched the entire first round of The Masters. It was very interesting to observe the best professionals maneuver their way around a windy Augusta National. Of course, there were fantastic shots, crazy bounces and down right shots that players wanted back. My challenge was trying to see as many of these shots as possible to maximize my viewing pleasure.

My options were wide open about what part of the round to watch. I could watch a featured group (Adam Hadwin, Louis Oosthuizen, and Zach Johnson), Amen Corner, the 15th and 16th holes or bounce around from hole to hole. Each offered something unique for my viewing pleasure.

As the day unfolded, I took advantage of all the options. However, I quickly realized that one pattern of viewing would provide the best coverage of the opening round that I was looking for.

With my main goal of seeing the most exciting shots as possible, I stopped watching the telecast that bounced around the 18 holes. I found there was no rhythm to what they showed and there was far too much talking by the commentators.

Next, I started watching the featured group and found that entertaining early in the round. However, I was missing many other great shots by players on different parts of the course. Now, if this was the final group on Sunday, it might be worth following for the entire round, but not on the first day.

As the telecast continued, I focused my TV watching on Amen Corner. These 3 holes provided the most excitement throughout the day. The risk/reward aspect of these holes made for exciting golf. I watched all the groups course-manage they game with some amazing and not so amazing shots. Additionally, the coverage I watched also changed to the 15th and 16th hole as the day progressed, so that was a bonus.

At the end of the day, my telecast followed the exciting groups through Amen Corner through to the 18th hole. I was able to see many shots by Rory McIlroy, Shane Lowery, Sergio Garcia, Charley Hoffman and William McGirt. Overall, by  focusing on Amen Corner first, I was able to watch the most exciting golf of the first round.

As we delve into rounds 2, 3, and 4, I recommend that you focus your viewing on Amen Corner. You will be able to see some great shots and some not so special. Bonus coverage of the 15th and 16th holes will only enhance your viewing pleasure.

I would be remiss to  not to mention the disappointment of Dustin Johnson’s withdrawal before teeing off. His freak accident could happen to anyone and I hope he recovers very quickly. Also, seeing Charley Hoffman, William McGirt and Lee Westwood at the top of the leaderboard is refreshing, but I would not count out Phil Mickelson, Justin Rose or Rory McIlroy just yet, there is still plenty of golf yet to play.

Will you be watching The Masters today?

In case you missed the highlights:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

6 thoughts on “The Masters -What to Watch

  1. I work from home and have a laptop, a server, and a tv in my office so I am lucky to be able to watch on 3 screens. But Amen corner was mostly where I focused. Just like last year and like you, I have found it to be the best option. But it is sure nice to be able to see other screens while the action is slow on that one.

    Tomorrow I am off to the course myself. The temperature is supposed to be a perfect 73F and I missed my midweek round for the first time this year so I am past ready to get back out there and hope to get in 36 holes if my body can take it. I just don’t know how you guys can stand it up there having to wait 6 months to get out on the course.

    Oh, and I saw a good tip last night on the Golf digest site. Down here our Bermuda grass is known to be a pain to chip and pitch from. The grass grabs the leading edge of the club face all too often and causes chunks. The tip was to keep the toe down and heel up a bit adjusting the face to aim just slightly left of the target line. By hitting toe down, you supposedly don’t get caught in the grass. it seemed to work ok in the backyard today even giving the ball a bit more spin than I am used to so I am looking forward to giving it a try on the course tomorrow.


    • Kevin

      I would give up watching some of the Masters coverage to hit the links. But, alas that will not happen quite yet. Your tip about keeping the toe of the club down and heel up makes a great amount of sense. I use this technique when chipping around the green when the rough is a bit long. Helps glide the club through the mess. Thanks for weighing in and good luck on the links today!



  2. Jim, I will have to wait to watch until after I get home. As you can imagine, The Masters is a terrible distraction at work 🙂 I’ll keep the leaderboard running in one browser and TRY to be productive during the rest of my day!

    Enjoy the action!


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