The Masters – Sergio Garcia Wins

Sergio Garcia wins the 2017 Masters. Finally, the yoke of ‘being one of the best players in golf never to win a Major’ is put to bed. Now, if Lee Westwood to do the same, all would be right in the golfing world. Regardless, yesterday belonged to Sergio.

Early in the match, it became very evident that Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose were going battle it out for the green jacket. It was an outstanding contest of titans as neither would relent. The seesaw battle made for some great viewing and the several times the thoughts that Sergio would fold again, especially around Amen Corner, kept creeping into my mind, but his driving and wedge play helped him win the day.

The last round of The Masters is always difficult. Many players will try to make a quick start to put pressure on the leaders. Typical of the first Major, some unknown players make the charge and others falter. I asked what the eventual winner would have to shoot to claim the green jacket and this is what you said:

As always, the golfing fans understand the complexities of playing under intense scrutiny as both Garcia and Rose shot 3 under. Low round of the day went to Matt Kuchar with a 5 under 67; the hole in one on 16 did not hurt!

And then, Kuchar did the coolest thing of the entire tournament!

Now that is what a professional golf is all about! Simply amazing!

The 2017 Masters was fantastic. The four-day competition was a mix of the unexpected and the ‘you have got to be kidding’ golf. I had the opportunity to watch most of The Masters this year and I have to say I was not disappointed with what I saw. Once again, congratulations to Sergio Garcia for winning his first Major.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Masters – Sergio Garcia Wins

  1. Jim,

    What a finish! The Masters did not disappoint and I was extremely happy for Sergio. I’ve never been totally sure how I’ve felt about Garcia over the years, but I found myself really pulling for him on the back 9.


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