Review of Antigua Golf Shirts

A golf shirt is one of the more important pieces of golf apparel. A proper fitting shirt helps to promote freedom of movement needed for a smooth golf swing. Too restrictive or too loose of a shirt will definitely affect a player’s ability to fully complete the movements required during their swing. In December I received two golf shirts from Antigua to review and determine if they meet the requirements of an amateur golfer.


Antigua Endure Golf Shirt

“DESERT DRY™ Technology is a moisture wicking technology created exclusively for Antigua to absorb and wick moisture quickly & evenly to achieve the most efficient evaporation possible to keep you comfortable and dry. Antigua apparel is routinely tested under the hottest conditions of the Arizona Desert to assure that it meets our high standard of moisture wicking performance.


Antigua Adept Golf Shirt

DESERT DRY™ Technology is high-tech functional performance fabric developed exclusively by Antigua to Wick away moisture and sweat; Dry quicker than all other fabrics; Reduce body temperature during activity; Incorporate an air flow system to breathe; Feel more comfortable longer; Minimize body & fabric cling; and All Performance Polos.”

I finally had the opportunity to hit the links and try out my new stylish golfing apparel. I wanted to wait until my swing was up to par and I was able to put the new shirts through the ringer. I wore both shirts on a sunny 25º degree day. There was a light wind. I chose these days because of the Antigua claim that both shirts have ‘desert dry technology’ to keep me dry and not inhibit my swing performance.

Antigua Endure Golf Shirt

Antigua Adept Golf Shirt

The first was the Endure golf shirt. I selected this shirt first because I had blue shorts on that day; quite scientific I would say! I wear a large shirt and I found that both Antigua golf shirts fit very comfortably. They were not baggy and yet not too form-fitting. These shirts lived up to their hype of comfort and kept me dry for four hours. After two washes, they still look like they came out of the package. I am looking forward to wearing them for quite some time.

Swinging with an Antigua Endure Golf Shirt

Another important aspect of my test was how the golf shirts fit during my swing. It is not a fair test to talk about the shirt on the front nine, but on the back after two or more hours of walking in the warm hot sun.

On the back nine, both shirts felt like they did on the first tee. I was dry, the material was not clingy, and it still fit like new. I can generally tell if a golf shirt is for me by the way it fits in the shoulders during my swing. In both cases, they were very comfortable throughout the entire round.

My last test during any review is value; Are the golf shirts worth what Antigua is charging? At $65 US ($85 Cdn for the Endure and $70 US ($90 Cdn) for the Adept, there is value in both these shirts. They are on par with all the other top brand names, but I like the material better than some. For me, they are at the top end of what I spend on golf shirts, but worth the cost. If you are looking for a quality golf shirt, the Antigua Endure and Adept are definitely worth a look.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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