Fantasy Golf Leagues

Do you belong to any Fantasy Golf Leagues? I do. A couple of years back, just for fun, I decided to join four of them from PGA Tour Fantasy Golf. I have had moderate success (usually in the top 3rd of the standings) by following the same process until this weekend. Realizing that my current selection criteria was not working, I decided to deviate from the norm and try a different approach. Well, what a difference!

Last week, I decide not to pick any top-tier players and to select players with the better stats. I have found that by routinely picking the top players, I was disadvantaged during the pool. I realize that this is counter to logic, but that is the way it seems to work. So I picked top ranked players in stats, but not necessarily the top players in the world. This change produced the following results:

  • PGA Tour Experts –  58th out of 15836
  • Golf Digest – 22nd out of 6238
  • Golf is Best – 2nd out of 1579
  • PGA Tournament – 2nd out of 372
  • The Grateful Golfer – 1 out of 1 (haha, no kidding. Come Join)

I am very happy with my results and for a while there I thought I was going to top at least two of the leagues. But this post is not about how well I am doing in the Fantasy Golf Leagues, it is more about making a change.

When is it time to make a change in your golf game. For years, I chipped the same way; course managed the same way; and putted the same way. My game had stagnated and I had finally had enough. So, I changed two of the three things mentioned above. I changed the way I chipped and course managed. It was there I felt I would make the greatest gains in my game. Low and behold, I was right!

I started using all my wedges and a few other irons to chip and I immediately felt success in my game. Additionally, I practiced pitching, chipping, bump and run and flopping the ball. All of which have a time and place around the green. It was a great decision and I do not regret it for a moment.

Changing my course management routine was a bit more challenging. I had many mental arguments and internal dilemmas, yet I knew it was the right thing to do, so I stuck with it. I started to set myself up for shots I knew I could hit and as a result, my scores started to lower, I stayed out of trouble more, and my confidence in my overall game improved. Now, I can tell you that I had several moments of doubt when making this change, however I am so glad that I did.

Change is an inevitable part of golf. If we want to improve, something has to change. It is difficult to do sometimes, but the usually the results are rewarding. In the big scheme of things, the most difficult step of change is making the decision. Once made, the rest is easy!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Golf Leagues

  1. Hey Jim,

    Impressive fantasy results after changing your strategy! I am only in the Golf Channel one…who are you picking this week? 😉

    Changing our strategy to improve can be a bit more difficult and frustrating, but doing so is a fun and necessary part of continuing down the path of improvement. Thoughtful post.


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  2. Jim, the greatest thing about this game is the pursuit of excellence, and that requires change. You can never master it or bottle success, only enjoy periods of good play and capture great memories. As you know, momentum is fleeting. Keep making the changes and enjoy the journey!


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