Golf Infographic – 3-6-9 Putting Drill

I have found this putting drill very useful improving my ability to make those clutch short putts. Sometimes called a star drill, I have my version called 3-6-9 drill. I used it recently to correct my putting woes. I was hitting the ball off the toe of my putter for some reason. I know now, I was coming over the top with my putting stroke. All fixed!

This drill is an inexpensive way to practice a way to lower your score. Here is how to set up the this simple putting drill. Take 12 tees; stand beside the hole and take one step; place a tee.  Take another step; place a tee. Finally, take a third step; place a tee.  Now repeat this process three times at 90 degrees from the previous line. Continue until all 12 tees are gone

Next take three balls.  Putt all thee balls from the 12 o’clock position, from 3 feet, until you sink three.  Then move to the 3 o’clock position and sink three; repeat at the 6 and 9 o’clock position.  Now, move back to the 6 foot position.  Instead of 3 balls sunk before moving, sink only two.  Repeat for all four cardinal positions.  Finally, move back to the 9 foot position.  Sink one and move on until you have sunk a ball from all four positions.  This process will likely take about 10-15 minutes max and that includes set up.

As your putting skill improves, increase the number of balls sunk from the 6 and 9 foot positions.  Next, sink the balls consecutively before moving; thus increasing the difficulty of the drill.  Practice this easy drill once or twice a week and start saving strokes.  Additionally, this skill will greatly improve their confidence, gain the awe of their friends and eliminate the dreaded 3-putt!

There are many variations of this drill.  However, I have found this one fits my needs, repeatable, simple and the easiest drill to set up and perform.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Golf Infographic – 3-6-9 Putting Drill

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  5. Jim,

    Awesome drill, I have used a very similar one since I was back in high school. I like to award points for each putt made with 1 point for the closest, 2 for the middle, and then 3 for the back. This allows me to put a number on my putting performance so I can track how well I’m doing or if I’m improving. Glad I’m not the only who sees how useful practicing putts is for your game though! Great post!


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  6. Jim, great drill. Assuming these are all flat putts, do you practice breaking putts on the shorties? I do and you’ll miss more than you like but I still find it very beneficial. Helps you to not quit on the putts.



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    • Brian

      This drill can be set up on any surface. I do practice breaking putts often. Most putts are not flat, so it only makes sense. Played yesterday and the only blemish on the front 9 was a 3 putt for bogey. Other than that, I putted well.


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