How to Remember All Things Golf

How is it possible to remember everything needed to play great golf? After we decipher what is important and what is white noise, how is possible recall the exact piece of information required to make the proper swing at the right time. This is very challenging for professional golfers, let alone amateurs who struggle with the mechanics of their swing as well. 

Through the many years of patience and learning, I realize that I do not know as much as I would like or enough understanding to be a better golfer. Yet, this is the journey I chose to become a scratch golfer.

Image from: is overwhelming for most beginners to separate the wheat from the chaff and for the most part, they might be focusing on the wrong type of information. They are trying to gather too many details too quickly and that leads to frustration. They are attempting to mimic all the intricacies of the golf swing without building the foundation for success first. And this is difficult for even the most seasoned golfer.

So where to begin? I am not a golf teach, nor do I profess to understand the steps required to help beginners be better golfers. But, I do understand the process of learning and my experience tells me that there are progressive steps to learning. Although a golf swing has many moving parts, the process to learning remains the same.

Some instructors work from the ground up; others start with the grip; and yet others take a whole approach and combine many moving parts. Regardless of their approach, it is a process and one step needs to be learned before moving on to more complicated steps. Personally, I think that understanding the golf grip is the first place to start when learning how to swing a golf club. It is the fundamental connection between the body and the golf ball. Therefore, I would recommend learning the right grip for you. By mastering this core skill, many of the follow on steps will become easier.

Of course, if you are looking for the right process for you, I suggest you talk to your local teaching professional and let them guide you through the mountain of golf information we are bombarded with every day.

How do you remember all things golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer golf blog.

10 thoughts on “How to Remember All Things Golf

  1. Nothing beats having a pro to help you. Nothing. There is one thing I like about how I learned though. I started off on a par 3 course. And I still play them when I get the chance. As a beginner I teed the ball up and as I progressed I started hitting the ball off the ground instead to give a better simulation of hitting approach shots from the fairway. I think that playing the par 3’s so often in the beginning helped me be a better golfer faster since the short game really is the most important thing to be good at.


    • Kevin

      Playing an executive course is a great way to start golf. It is faster, less challenging and more fun when teeing it up for the first time. Your point about teeing the ball up high at first is something I have seen beginners do and it makes sense. Also, I offer a first year player the option to use the tee in the fairway until they feel comfortable playing. After watching the other players, they usually get rid of the tee after a few holes. They feel more confident playing when they make the switch.



  2. Thanks for sharing this article. I think the most important thing when playing golf is to remain calm and follow thru with your swing. Hesitation can really hinder your golf technique. As far as golf swing tips, you can always ask your local pro for a golfing lesson. He will know some golf secrets that will help improve your golf technique.

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  3. Jim, great topic and I completely agree on starting every player with the grip. Then it gets fuzzy. I was taught to be a hands first player but in retrospect, I wish I’d have learned the game from the ground up. Secondly, I think a teacher should assess what a beginner is trying to get out of the game before deciding on whether to first instruct on full swing or teach the game backward from the putting green. I’m a bit mixed on that approach. What do you think?



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