Time for a Golf Tournament

I always wondered how many golfers like to participate in tournaments. I figure half the fun of playing is competition. Of course, each time we hit the links we compete against ourselves, but that is not really the same as challenging someone. Many play side games ‘to make their round interesting’, however, I rarely do this. I like to compete in tournaments that pits player against player.

As you know, today is the start of my 54 hole stroke play golf tournament. The Ontario Regional Competition for the Military will pit 30+ players from around the province for the individual and team champions. In the past, I have won both categories. Participating is this tournament is a highlight of my golfing season and so it begins.

Apparently, I am not the only person who likes golf tournaments:

I enjoy competing in golf tournaments. This is my 10th tournament of the year and my second last. I have one more this weekend and then that is it for this season. Competition elevates my game to a whole new level, but there is more to it than just pitting my skills against other players.

In the case of this tournament, I am meeting old friends, making new friends and enjoying the stories of everyone’s round.  This tournament is as much about golf as the social interaction with all the players.

Additionally, I enjoy the feeling of competition. It heightens my focus, enhances my competitive juices and offers the opportunity to test my my against like minded players of equal or greater skill. When playing golf with better players, only good can come from that opportunity.

Competition is a great part of golf. I love playing in golf tournaments and this 54 event is a perfect test for my game. Oh yeah, lets not forget that it is also great fun!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

4 thoughts on “Time for a Golf Tournament

  1. Good luck! I got an email just today notifying me that our city championship will take place on Oct 20 this year. I had thought I might want to try it out this year, but I find I can’t really get enthusiastic about the idea. I’m not sure why, but the more I’ve thought about it today, the less inclined I’ve been to fill out the form I downloaded. I’ve always found competition on the course fun, but I don’t think I go out to play for that. In fact, I think on reflection, I enjoy it most when I play alone. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will change my mind, but right now, I just can’t work up the amount of excitement I thought I would feel over the idea and that has me a bit surprised.

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