Fighting Your Golf Swing

Every golf swing is unique to each player. There are so many variables with respect to physical abilities that your golf swing is your own. Of course, there is always room for improvement as an amateur, however successful changes can only occur if your swing remains unique to your physical abilities.

I have watch players with what would be considered ‘ugly’ swings hit the ball a mile. I have endured rounds with awesome looking swings where the player could not score. I have experienced just about everything in between. And no matter what I saw, the players who were the most successful were the ones who were not fighting their natural swing.

Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about;

The first video was a swing from several years ago where I was using a fairly narrow stance. About 3 years ago, I took a quick lesson and the professional suggested I widen my stance (video 2). Because of my stance change, I have not really felt comfortable and have fought with my swing. I realize I have had relatively good success with the change, but I have not felt comfortable hitting the long ball for about 3 years.

I am reluctant to change back, but I am a bit frustrated as I continue to struggle with my stance and body positioning. I do not want to revert back to my narrow stance, but I need to find the happy medium where I keep the benefits of a wider stance, but feel comfortable striking the ball with my driver. As my winter hibernation starts, I will research different ways to improve this challenge and hopefully have a game plan by spring.

Have you ever fought with some aspect of your golf swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

18 thoughts on “Fighting Your Golf Swing

    • Thanks Rick, you are right for sure. I have said that in the past, but in my case lately, I am not producing the best results (in my opinion) so I feel like I am fighting my swing off the tee. I will try and fix that early in the spring. Thanks for videos.


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      • Personally, I always went back to fundamentals (grip/stance/alignment) for when I was fighting a challenge. I figure I’ve been swinging the clubs for almost 40 years. Over the past 30, the swing hasn’t changed that much and I know I’ve played some fantastic golf – so I know it works. It’s the “little” things that tend to get off track. I wish you all the best and FUN in discovering more about your swing!

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  1. Jim, we all fight our swing from time to time. However, hearing that you haven’t been comfortable at setup for three years with your driver tells me that the original assessment you followed may not have been correct, or your implementation was off.

    Either way, I’ve learned that the fight is more easily fought under the guidance of a seasoned professional. That’s important for two reasons. 1) If you’ve been instructed correctly, you can fight your swing with the power of your convictions knowing that you’re doing the right thing and are not aimlessly searching in DIY mode. 2) You can enlist the pro in the fight. I ask a ton of questions during my lessons, bounce ideas off him, and trade an occasional email with thoughts. He helps me make smaller adjustments that inevitably get me back on track. The fight has taken on a whole new and positive dimension.

    If you want the best chance of improvement, I’d head in this direction next spring. Good luck!



    • Brian

      I agree. It is high time that I sought out a lesson. I was trying to increase my distance and the pro said widening my stance was the way to go. I am not sure that is the case anymore. I will likely follow your advice and get a lesson or two next year. I will definitely help. Thanks for the sage advice.


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      • Jim, the wide stance is favored by the younger guys who can generate a ton of torque and consequently crush it. Look at Bud Cauley’s spread in this month’s Golf Digest. I’ve experimented with a wider stance. Just can’t do it because I can’t make that big of a turn with my upper body. The more narrow stance permits an easier turn and better rhythm. I’m sure a pro will help you find the correct address that works for you. Good luck!


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  2. Hey Jim

    A tip my coach gave me to find the ‘happy medium’ for any part of your game is to experiment while on the range with extreme shots.

    For example, he got me to try and deliberately hit massive slices and then real big hooks alternately. This helps you get the feel for how things are done to the max and once that memory and feel is there you then work on coming back to a happy medium and surprise surprise, that gentle draw and baby fade are easier to create.

    I guess this could be done for the tee shot stance issue too, in your off season you could try really narrow stance, even more so than before and then really wide stance and monitor the ball flight, distance, trajectory etc then from these extremes you may be able to work out your optimum comfy place.

    Swing easy!
    Paul a Team Blind Apple

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  3. I’ve always preferred a wide stance. Especially off the tee. But I tended to be too wide when hitting my irons according to the pro. So I have to keep reminding myself that still. I know it’s been helpful to me but it takes a while for some changes like that to feel comfortable.

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      • I had some time tonight so I took another look at your two swing videos in slow motion. The video with the wider stance does show you in a much better position at impact. It would be almost perfect if not for the casting I think. The one thing that stands out other than that is you don’t seem to have your hips turned toward the target enough at impact in either video. But again, it’s better with the wider stance. Of course, before taking my word for it, I’d discuss that with your pro.

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      • Kevin

        Thanks for the analysis. I agree with all you said. Casting is something new to my thoughts, and like Brian has also said, a pro is the best solution. Thanks for taking the time to look at my swing. I am grateful.



  4. Tell me about it! I too have been a narrow vs wider stance person but think I am fairly happy where I am with that now. More recently my 3 wood off the tee, normally one of the few dependable aspects of my game, has been plagued by hitting it out of the heel. So I am now embroiled in an inner battle over the distance from the ball that I fel natural with. I guess the golf swing is in a constant state of change, intentional and unintended, a ship that needs to be righted on a fairly regular basis! Good post. Cheers, Rob.

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