Trying to Control Everything

Do you have control issues? Are you the type of golfer who plans, focuses and must execute every aspect of your golf swing to perfection? Well if you are, then you are setting yourself up for failure on the links. Yup, I know from experience that it is impossible to control everything and an element of chance is part of every round. 

There aspects of your game you can control, but outside agencies can wreak havoc on the results regardless of your intent. Some of them are good as Darren Clarke experiences:

Or Mother nature decides to have some fun:

Or you can do everything right as Padraig Harrington did and still get robbed:

My point of for the videos is that we cannot control everything on the golf course. We can do our best to control our actions, but outside effects cannot be controlled. At that point, good or bad, we need to roll with the situation. Personally, I try to smile all the time because it relaxes me and reminds me that I am not a professional golfer. I am on the links to have fun, enjoy the day, and hopefully shoot my best round ever.

Do you try to control everything during your round of golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Trying to Control Everything

  1. Jim,

    This is something I have definitely been working on over the past few years…acceptance. Just make the most of what I have any given day and accept the results. Easier said than done some days, but as you say, we aren’t professionals and whether we shoot 72 or 82 doesn’t affect our livelihood.



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