The Four Toughest Holes at The Masters

The obvious answer to “What are the three toughest holes at The Masters?” is Amen Corner. They are the most watched and provide a level of excitement rarely seen at other events. The shot difference on the is amazing, however the worse scores ever recorded at The Masters were on the 12th and 13th holes at 13 respectively. So, I guess Amen Corner was aptly named; however, current stats suggest something different.

Before we go further Amen Corner is described as: “The second shot at the 11th, all of the 12th, and the first two shots at the 13th hole at Augusta are nicknamed “Amen Corner”. This term was first used in print by author Herbert Warren Wind in his April 21, 1958, Sports Illustrated article about the Masters that year.” After looking at these holes, I can see players winning or losing The Masters by their play.

Factoring in all the scores since 1934, GNN concluded that the par 4 10th hole, Camellia, has the highest scoring average at .31 over par (4.31). Next by playing .29 over par are the following 3 holes: par 5 11th hole, par 3 12th hole and the par 3 4th hole.

The last three Masters indicate that the 11th hole played the toughest, but over the  long run, the 10th hole is be beast of the tournament. Picture this, you just finished the front nine at The Masters, you are feeling pretty good with an even par round, and then you enter a relentless, unforgiving 4 hole stretch of golf that will make or break your round. You hook your ball into the woods off the 10th tee and now the pressure of every shot increases ten-fold and impending doom possible failure. hangs overhead.

Or, you hit a perfect drive on 10 that set you up for a surprising birdie (which you make) and you cruise through Amen Corner 2 under overall. I wonder how many strokes you gained on the field. I think I like the second scenario best. Don’t you?

The Masters is full of surprises. Starting on the back 9, every aspect of the player’s game is tested. Surviving this stretch of 4 holes is paramount to winning the green jacket. There is even science explaining the difficulty of Amen Corner:

A do not forget Camellia:

As The Masters approaches at a glacial pace, it is important to keep in mind that some awesome golf awaits the patient spectator. If I was able to pick one spot to watch the play at this year’s Masters, it would have a view of the 11 approach, 12th hole and 13th tee shot. How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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