Fairways Fund – Building Golf From the Ground Up

The key to building a sustainable golf industry is to start at the grass-roots by teaching juniors how to play. Many organizations, such as Golf Canada, have grand ideas for how to do so and often reach out to the provincial golf associations in attempts to grow the game. However, sometimes all it takes is rolling up your sleeves and making a difference in your local area.

Tiff Chaisson and Jeremy White decided to just that. In April 2016, Tiff contacted Jeremy to assist her in setting up a nonprofit to help underprivileged kids across the globe play golf. And the spark of inspiration for junior golfers around the world was ignited.

“Both Tiff and Jeremy believe that to increase participation in golf, children need to be the focus. It is better to create a lifetime golfer at school age, than to try to convert a non-golfer later in their lifetime. Similarly golf businesses need to be supported, rather than to be asked for handouts or discounts in an already competitive market.”

“Fairways identifies kids who love golf, but whose families are in difficult financial situations, then we look after their membership, lessons, and range access. Whatever we need to do to keep a fairway under their feet.”

To help pay for their grand vision, they created the #Dawn2Dusk fund-raiser. This involves playing as many rounds of golf as possible in one day and is very challenging! On June 21st, Tiff participated in her 3rd straight year; she was sponsored this year by Avondale Golf Course and played more golf in one day than most play in a month. The fundraising efforts are building momentum.

Tiff and Jeremy’s idea of the “longest day of golf” is quite popular. Many others golfers and courses have completed similar endeavours for various causes. Although the question below is not specific to fundraising, I think you can see that the most people’s longest day consists of multiple rounds (#Dusk2Dawn).

Dave Belletrutti was the overarching winner from the Grateful Golfer community. He played 10 rounds of golf in one day! That is simply amazing on so many levels.

My point is that many golfers are making a difference. Whether it is for a local charity or for growing the game, they are doing something. In the case of Tiff Chaisson and Jeremy White, they are focused on junior golfers who need a helping hand to build a life-long love of golf. They have rolled up their sleeves and started at the grass-roots of golf.

If you are interested in giving Tiff and Jeremy a hand and in making a difference, stop by their website or drop them a message to see how you can help. I am sure they would appreciate your support!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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