I Have an Excuse for Everything

As I sit and watch the FIFA World Cup, I marvel at the conditioning of the players. They are all lean, athletic, and prepared to play at the élite level. Additionally, I cannot believe how tough they are! I mean, every time there is contact it is like these guys were hit with a baseball bat. After a suitable time of rolling on the ground, they shake off the injury and jump back into the frey. It truly is amazing.

In case you miss what I mean:

I mean, come on; this is the craziest display of poor sportsmanship I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it must work from time to time or else they would stop. Then I started to think of how this scenario fit into golf. Maybe not at the soccer extreme, but we have our way of blaming a poor shot on something else. It seems as if we have an excuse for everything.

  • Missed Putt. Pick up a rock, fix a ball mark, check my putter face or complain about shadows.
  • Miss chip or iron shot. The lie was unplayable, there was too much grass behind my ball, I heard a noise, or we are playing too fast.
  • Off the tee. You are standing in my vision, the tee box is not level, my back is sore, or I am swinging too fast.

I think you get my point. Golfers have their fair share of excuses for missed shots. I bet when you play, you do not even give it a second thought when someone provides and unsolicited excuse. Of course, we are not at the level of FIFA soccer players, but we have our way of blaming something else for our miss shots.

Personally, I try to avoid such situations. I am sure I offer an excuse from time to time, but I think rarely. I think golf is a game where we need to take ownership of our shots. Regardless of the outcome, I try to always commit to every shot. Therefore, I own all aspects (good or bad) of each shot. Making useless excuses is not helpful, so I guess I need to focus more on not making excuses and just enjoy the game.

Are you a soccer player?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “I Have an Excuse for Everything

  1. When I was 15 and taking drivers ed at one of the local high schools I met my first soccer player while challenging all comers on a ping pong table. Something I grew up playing and have never been beat at but that’s not really part of the story, just me bragging. lol Anyway, later on that day as we were leaving the school we drove past the field and that guy was out practicing. I watched as he did the Pele move throwing the ball up over his head with his foot, then jumping, turning upside down and kicking the ball into the goal. It’s something I can still see in my head vividly as I am telling you the story. And it’s one reason I can honestly say that, no, I’m no soccer player.

    I’ve been guilty of making a verbal excuse or two during a round over the years. When I catch myself doing it, I make sure I stop it right away. Working on something new isn’t an excuse. It’s just a fact and it helps no one to say it. Missing a putt on an aerated green needs no excuse. Over the years I’ve figured out it’s silly to allow myself to feel the need to excuse a bad shot and it’s not the right attitude to fall into. If I own it, and make sure I get past it before the next shot I will do better.


    • Kevin

      We are on the same page about making excuses. I think it is not worth the time or effort. I played soccer over the years, but as a defender and not really all that good to begin with. But, as gentlemen we stayed on our feet and did not embellish contact. It really is a soccer thing.



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