The Open Championship – Are You Excited?

With only two days before tee off, I am excited to watch the world’s best play in The Open. Carnoustie will challenge, above all, the world’s great players mentally. This course is a best with cavernous bunkers, rock hard fairways and a course that requires a Sherpa. I can hardly way to see how the players fair when the weather starts to significantly increase the course difficulty. In the meantime as we wait, I thought I would share a few pictures I found that might increase your anticipation.

The Open is slowly inching its way forward. It is going to be a great four days of golf! Are you planning to watch?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Open Championship – Are You Excited?

  1. And on every hole you think you are facing a headwind… I remember a par 3 measuring about 245 yards, took my driver, hit as hard as I could (into the wind of course) and barely made the fringe. People over there call this place “Carnasty”

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    • Serge,

      I have played courses similar, but nothing to that extent. Thanks for sharing your experience, it is hard to fathom the difficulty the pros will experience without actually playing there. Who is your pick this weekend?

      Cheers Jim


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