Congratulations Brooks Koepka

With ice in his veins, Brooks Koepka fought back all challengers to win the 100th PGA Championship. Raising the Wanamaker Trophy was a thrill for eveyone who watch him hit booming drives and laser guide wedges on the back 9. Using his greatest asset, Koepka crushed long and accurated drives all day to grind down his fellow competitors. He was relentless and was rewarded. But, this was only part of the story during the last Major of 2018.

Brooks Koepka has 4 career wins on the PGA Tour. Of those 3 are Majors; that is an icredible stat. I can see the Ryder Cup Nad player of the year in his future

The next highlight has to be Tiger Woods. Missing 7 of 9 fairways on the front 9 and staying in contention was amazing. Finishing in lone second place, must have increased his chances to make the Ryder Cup. He alluded to his desire to make the team as a player, so it will be interesting to see if he has played well enough to make this happen.

Some players like Rory McIlroy, my choice as champion, failed to get things going. This is all part of playing in Major, whoever gets hot and holds the momentum wins. Just ask Koepka.

I enjoyed the final round. There was plenty of drama and more than enough great shots. With all the Majors finished, I look forward to watching the Ryder Cup.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Congratulations Brooks Koepka

  1. Was definitely an exciting major, arguably the most exciting this year. Think it’s safe to include Koepka in that “elite” category of golfers now that are on tour. Looking forward to the playoffs as well as the Ryder Cup!



    • Sebastien

      Koepka is definitely a top player. He has performed well for sure, but I am not jumping on the bandwagon just yet. He only has 4 wins, yes 3 are Majors, but he is not as dominating as DJ (for example) yet. Until then, he still might be considered a flash in the pan. We shall see.


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      • Jim,

        Fair enough…and I know there are still people out there who are not ready to jump on yet. Having said that, the guy have finished inside the top 10 in 7 of his last 14 majors. But like you said, time will tell and there is nothing wrong with that!


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