Moving Day at the 100th PGA Championship

Who can stop Brooks Koepka? He is playing extremely well, especially off the tee; his booming drives and stellar wedge play makes him the odds on favorite to win today. The Wanamaker Trophy will be his third Major in three years, but how he is winning is setting a new standard on the PGA Tour.

Moving day is called that for a specific reason. It is the day when players such as Brooks Koepka, Adam Scott, Jon Rahm and Rickie Fowler tried to separate themselves from the rest of the field, however their efforts did not accomplish this goal completely.  Given that Bellerive is “getable”,  I think anyone sitting at minus 8 or higher has a chance to win if they shoot a score of 63 or 64.

As I eluded earlier, Brooks Koepka has taken a page out of Dustin Johnson’s playbook of hitting booming drives and hitting a short iron into the green. It is amazing how easy the make golf look. His success hinged on hitting the fairway (or close to it) off the tee miles ahead of his playing partners. Watching the difference between Koepka and Woodland’s strategy really accentuated what I mean. On one par 4 (sorry I do not remember the hole) Koepka, hitting driver, was 70 yards further down the fairway than Woodland, who used a long iron. Koepka hit a wedge and Woodland hit an 8 iron. If this strategy of length only happened once, Koepka’s approach would not be that effective, but it happened all day. As a result, Koepka has a 2 stroke lead going into today’s final round.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Tiger Woods. His steady charge up the leaderboard was noteworthy. Unfortunately, unless he shoots a lower score than his best of 66, he will only finish in the top 10. However, I bet today’s coverage will have Woods’ play on the TV as much as Adam Scott or Jon Rahm. A player getting no notice is Stewart Cink. He is another veteran who has the game to win, but has faded over the years. Now in contention, he will get little or no coverage unless he is the player who shoots 63 today.

If I had to pick a winner today, I would go with Brooks Koepka. He looks too strong and confident. As long as he continues to boom drives in play, he will be unstoppable. If, however, he starts to falter, I suggest that Rickie Fowler might win his first Major.

I am looking forward to watching the action today. As with all Majors, the pressure of playing in the last groups will separate the wheat from the chaff!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

11 thoughts on “Moving Day at the 100th PGA Championship

  1. Hey Jim! SOMEONE is going to shoot 63 today to make a big run. I’m going out on a limb and say EITHER Rickie or Tiger. In any case, it should be a fun afternoon of golf for the last major of ’18, the official “end of summer” in my book 🙂


  2. Jim, the only player out there who didn’t get rattled at some point was Koepka, even when he made a couple of bogeys. Of course, John Rahm hasn’t made a bogey in 36 holes but I’d hardly call him rattle proof. Mr. cool, calm, and collected should win going away today. It’s amazing that the oddsmakers and press don’t pay more attention to him. Probably due to his unassuming personality and quiet confidence. Enjoy the Brooks show today!



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