Hooked on a Feeling

Many of my the mature readers will immediately think of the song “Hooked on a Feeling” by B.J. Thomas. But, this is article is about golf and not a girl. But, most avid golfers have a feeling deep inside that somehow compels them to eat, sleep, and play golf. In some cases it is their ‘raison d’ête’ for getting out of bed in the morning. Regardless, that feeling inside is the source of passion to play golf everyday or in some cases occasionally.

Does your desire to play golf burn like a bright flame or flicker like a spark?

The feeling is different in everyone. It might be a small flicker of light, a bonfire, or a super nova. In my case it is someplace close to the bonfire, but not all encompassing where I do not want to do anything but play or practice golf.

In others, the flame is a spark that lights from time to time. And yet for some, it burns brightly like a falling star then extinguishes as quickly as it started. The feeling inside to play golf is different for everyone.

Regardless of the level of golfer you are, there is one thing that is constant; without that feeling it is very difficult to improve your golf game. I know this from experience by riding the roller coaster of elation and disappoint.

Throughout my years of playing, golf’s importance waxed and waned. Of course this is natural because many events in my life pushed golf to the rear and I would not change that in any way. Those events were/are important and will continue be a priority moving forward. It is during these periods that I notice a definite change in my golf game. That feeling inside did not burn as strong as normal and as such I did not play and more importantly practice enough to stay sharp.

During other periods, the feeling inside  was like a super nova. I could not get enough golf. I practiced daily and played regularly. My handicap dropped and I notice an increase in tournament wins. Additionally, the more successful I was, the more the feeling grew. It was almost as if it was taking on a life of its own. It is during these times I realized that my success in golf was tied to my feeling (desire) to succeed.

During the past 6 months, I rode one of those roller coasters. After a long winters nap, my desire to play golf was on the rise. I was so excited to hit the links and had made great plans to significantly improve my game. At that time I was fanning the flames of desire to want to play more golf. Then a serious life event took over and other than writing, my desire to play slowly trickled away because I was focused on something far more important. But, now that I at the end, my desire to play and practice is burning again. I have still have a little ways to go, but this burn is growing and it drives me to stay focused on getting healthy so I can hit the links before the end of the season.

As you can see, that feeling to play golf is back and growing. Do you have such a feeling? If so, is it a spark, candle, small flame or a bonfire?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Hooked on a Feeling

  1. I had that feeling all week. And thankfully was able to satisfy it today. I played an executive course today. I wanted to give my irons a nice workout. I only used the driver on 3 holes. And twice I wished I hadn’t. Oh, well. My irons were hot. I felt like I was throwing darts out there today. My putter wasn’t as good, but, I didn’t putt badly. Just had some speed issues on the greens and couldn’t get the birdie putts to drop. I came up short. Lipped. Just about everything but put them in. Except probably the hardest putt I had. I dropped that one. lol Some days are just weird. But it was fun to be out there. And I hope you will be soon too.

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