Holy Moose Sighting on the Golf Course!

I came across this video of a Moose on Twitter. The reason I had to share is because over the years, this majestic creature visits the golf course from time to time. I remember on year a Clear Springs Golf Course near North Bay I came within 15 feet of this beast eating in a pond. 

If you have never seen a moose you can see that this guy stands about 6 feet tall at the shoulders. The rack of antlers is about 5 feet from tip to tip. He weighs about 2500 pounds or 1135 kilos or 180 stone. When he walks on the green, he leaves 1 inch dents on the grass.

One other quick story, I was fishing in about 20 years back. We ventured into Algonquin Park for a 5 day trip. We traveled for 12 hours into the deep bush by canoe and portage. the next day at our destination we decided to go fishing. After 3 hours in the canoe, we decided to stretch our legs. My canoe partner was Pat (actually we called him ‘Pine Cone Pat’ because he could start a fire with one match and a bunch of pine cones) who was quite woodsy. As we walked through the woods, he abruptly came to a halt and placed his arm across my chest. Not 20 feet away was a 2-year-old moose. It had not noticed us and we watched it intently eating. After about 30 seconds the moose realized that we were there and took off crashing through the woods. It was like an unstoppable force; nothing slowed it down in the thick forest. Moose are beautiful, but extremely powerful and up predictable.

Word of caution, if a calf is around, give this creature some space. They seem docile, but are actually very dangerous!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Holy Moose Sighting on the Golf Course!

  1. I used to see them often when I was stationed in Maine back in the early 80’s. Beautiful animals. But actually, I just stopped by to congratulate Canada on Brooke’s win today.


  2. Dang Jim! You got within 15 feet of one? The closest I have been is the Rocky and Bullwinkle show 🙂 That one on the highway looks like it could knock over a car, much less a golfer. I wonder if they have ever rushed people?

    Thanks for the PSA!



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