Have A Terrific Thursday!

Have a Terrific Thursday Everyone! It is a special day because you have decided to make it that way!

No sage golf advice today, just wishing you the best of days.

Remember to smile, have fun and to be grateful!

Today I am going to create the day I want! I hope you do as well!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Have A Terrific Thursday!

  1. Well, hurricane Michael stayed far enough away so all we got was some rain. So I have to say Thursday was fine of us here, but it was too humid. My glasses fogged up instantly every time I left the car or a building. Friday is golf day this week. We have dry air moving in and even some slightly cooler temps. Though that last is certainly relative with a low Friday night of 70 scheduled. Pretty soon now we will start earning our golf mecca reputation. For now, I just have to go check out the golf discount sites to see where I’m playing in the afternoon. Hope you have a great weekend.


    • Kevin

      Great to hear that things are good in your neck of the woods. Hurricanes are scary and I was thinking of my friends down south. Good to hear you will be getting out on the links and enjoying your round. Good luck!

      Cheer Jim


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