My 2018 Golf Season is Officially Over

The time is finally arrived for me to officially put away my golf clubs for another golf season. On Friday, my friend Blair and I hit Osprey Links for the last time. It was a chance opportunity because the temperature rose to 14 degrees Celsius with no rain, but wind gusts to 60 kpm. It was a blustery day, but a great way to finish my 2018 season.

We had waited for the weather to break so we could get out on the links one last time and Friday was the day. Playing 20 holes (tried for 22 but the rain started) I was very happy with my result. I shot 1 double, 8 bogies, 10 pars and 1 birdie. It was a pretty solid day considering the crazy wind we were fighting.

Jim and Blair at Sequin Valley Golf Course in 2017.

Our round was great fun. We played 4 holes and then decide to start the round over. The course was full on groups of two and on group of 4. The group of 4 was not letting anyone through and so things were getting backed up. We noticed that there was nobody behind us, so we rest the round and had clear sailing for the next 16 holes.

Blair has been playing well lately and about half way through the 7 holes, he was leading in overall score. It was not so much that he was leading, but he was laughing at me while doing so. Of course it was all in good fun, but how he took the lead is what was funny. 

Blair was 2 over after 3 holes and this is how the story went from there:

  • On the par 5, 4th hole, he chipped in from 25 yards off the green to go 1 over. I was even par at this point.
  • The par 4, 5th hole, he sunk a 60 foot putt for birdie to even par and now we were tied.
  • On the par 4, 6th hole, he lagged a 50 foot putt for an easy tap in for par; I bogeyed to drop behind by one stroke.
  • On the par 4, 7th hole he hit a very poor drive but scrambled to save bogey and I bogeyed because of a poor chip shot.

There you have it, after 7 holes and a string of 3 brilliant for Blair, I found myself behind in score. It was great to watch and I enjoyed seeing some great golf played by my friend. Unfortunately for Blair, his great play did not last, but it was fun while it lasted.

Another highlight was my brand new driver. I bought it on Thursday and had a chance to use it on Friday before it gets tucked away for a long winter’s nap. I will save the details and brand for another post in a day or two.

My last round of the 2018 golf season was very memorable. After a very tough season with limited play due to illness, I was very happy to end play on a high note. Unfortunately I have 5 months to wait until next spring, but I play to use my time wisely so I am ready to play on day one! 

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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