Changing Your Golf Glove

Unlike many golfers, I do not wear a golf glove. I realize that most golfers do and recently I was wondering how many golf gloves an average player goes through in a season. I was surprised to know that many players use 10 or more gloves in just one season. That at $15 a glove, that amounts to some serious cash. So, now I am wondering if it is worth the cost or not?

As you can see, 3/4 of the respondents have changed their gloves recently. I found out through the ensuing conversation that several have two or three gloves on the go at the same time and rotate them (sometimes in the same round) as required. It seemed like a fair bit of effort and cost, but I am not one to judge. 

Like Freddie Couples, not wearing a golf glove is my norm. I find that the only time I might need one, as mentioned by my friend Padraig from Ireland, is during wet weather. I will concede this point, but on the rare occasions that it is wet enough to affect my grip, it might be the time to stay home.

Changing gloves is a legitimate endevour. It is a part of golf and if you look around, virtually everyone wears one. Some gloves, however, are in dire need of replacement. I am pretty sure that if you see skin through any part of the glove, it is time for a change. I found the following infographic from Golf Academy One that is quite helpful on what the wear on the glove means:

Wearing a golf glove is very personal. Many players do, but I do not see the benefit. I can see from many Twitter responses that there is a science to properly wearing, replacing, and prolonging the life of your golf glove. Some keep the original packaging; others have drying stands; and yet others attached multiple gloves to their bag.

There seems to be no standard or norm for how many or when to change the golf glove. I guess it is whatever suits your game. There is no right answer to this situation.

Do you have any secrets to share about how to cut the costs or prolonging the life of golf gloves? 

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Changing Your Golf Glove

  1. In our high humidity environment down here in Florida, I often use two gloves during a game. I’ve used dri joys most often over the years, but a friend had me try the 6 dollar Wilson gloves at Walmart and they last just as long and I haven’t seen any downside with them.


  2. Hi Jim,

    I hope you are well.

    I don’t wear a glove either and never have. The only time I have ever wished I had one in my bag was when I played in very high humidity in India. I had to wipe my hands on a towel before every shot although my grip still slipped a bit with the sweat.

    That experience did not make me start wearing one though.

    Tiffany .


    • Tiff

      Great to hear from you. All is getting better at this end. I should be rrady for next season or sure. I can see how high humidity would affect our grip, but that is very rare up here. No glove is the way to go.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, to extend the life of my game gloves, I use a different one to practice in. When the game glove becomes worn, it becomes the newest practice glove. I’ll typically run through about six new gloves per year. You can definitely get them for less than $15 if you shop on-line. Of course, I would never go anywhere without my rain gloves too!


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