Putting and Chipping Indoors

During the five months of cold snowy weather to come, I am going to dedicate some of my time to putting and chipping in my basement. I have all the kit to putt, but do not have a chipping mat. I looked around for a great deal and have not found one that suits my needs for the price I want to pay. So, I think I am going to try and build one!

It seems that most players chip and putt in their house. I already putt, now it is time to get with the program and start chipping:

Indoor chipping?

I already have an idea on how to build what want, but I am still researching the idea and materials required. It will take a bit of time, but I think it will be worth the effort.

To logic behind building a chipping mat stems from my requirements to duplicate chipping on the course. Having never chipped indoors before, it took some time to refine what I was actually trying to achieve. In order of priority, here is how my decision making process went:

  • Space. I have limited space in my basement to set up a chipping area. Hence, I will not be taking full swings, but chipping from the knee or waist. I envision chipping the ball into my chipping net on the fly with the ball never going any higher than my head.
  • Ball / Foot Relationship. I want to be standing on the same level and material when hitting the ball. I have looked at the smaller mats on line and the ball sits about an inch above my bottom of my feet. I think that that one inch will make a difference so I thought being on the same level was important. 
  • Hitting Mat. I will try to simulate a softer hitting mat. I have have an idea on how to do this and I think indoor / outdoor carpet will make a good surface to chip from. I do not plan to take divots, so this should work. Additionally, the mat has to remain flat at all times, so I image glue will be involved somewhere. 
  • Cost.For the size of mat I want and hopefully quality, building the mat appears to be the best option. The size of mat I am looking for will allow my stance and set up to be on the same level, so I think a two foot by four foot area. As I gather my supplies, I will refine the size of the mat. 
  • Materials.  As I said earlier, I plan to use indoor /outdoor carpet, Foam squares used to make a workout surface, glue (this is a touchy item and if I can avoid using the glue I will – mostly for portability of the chipping mat), and some sort of any slip material to keep the base in place; although the last item may not be needed if I am standing on the home-made mat. I have the tools to make it all this happen. So I think by building my chipping mat, I will save a fair bit of money in the long run.

Making a chipping mat will be a small project for the month or so. I expect I will be to be finished before or just after Christmas. I already have a chipping net and some practice balls (plastic for now) so there is no expense for extra golf equipment. I think this will work out well, it is just a matter of getting motivated to go out in the cold.

Have you ever made and indoor chipping mat? If so, any suggestions?

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links.

5 thoughts on “Putting and Chipping Indoors

  1. Jim,

    Chipping and putting indoors is one of the best things I enjoy doing over the winter. One of the reasons is because that is how I first learned the basics of golf when my Grandpa taught me. It’s not the same as being outside on the course, but it will help me prepare for spring.

    Glad you are still sharing your thoughts with us on a regular basis, I have been away for a few months so I am trying to get back into things, first thing I had to do was to catch up on your posts. Wishing you a healthy and safe off-season!


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  2. Great article! I am looking to get an OnmiShot 2 and creating a DIY Golf Simulator in the garage. I have the same plan for my hitting mat. There are some YouTube videos I’ve watched and will try to replicate. Good luck on your chipping mat!

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