Opening a Bee’s Nest

As many of you know, I like to pose questions on Twitter and talk about them in a blog. Yesterday, I posed a question about the best golf score milestone and the response I received was very unexpected. Overall, I am very happy about the extended conversation and feedback; I hope that in the future my questions garner the same results.

What I liked about this question was the many of the respondents telling us how low they shot. Many of the answers were scores in the 60s (this is not surprising) and a few provided some interesting details. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their exploits as I am in the deep freeze for another 4 months.

Some suggested that the answers were askew because there were too many respondents shooting below 70. Given the actual number of players who can break 70 (approximately 1%) the number appears too high. Daniel Butler provide a reasonable explanation:

There are only about 200 votes. It’s not unreasonable to think 90 people have broken 70 given the account following. But I would think there would be more Breaking 80 votes.

Some of the discussion implied that rule following might be an issue. As a 4 handicapper, I would suggest that this discussion is a red herring discussion. I have faith that players posting sub-80 rounds follow the rules and understand that they cannot post scores they did not earn.

The discussion was a fun one. I never thought that one question would open the Bee’s Nest. I think it is great to respectfully discuss golf and share our opinions. I am hoping that in the future the same type of interaction happens; it sure helps pass the time during the off-season.

What is your low golf score milestone?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Opening a Bee’s Nest

  1. As a database and web developer I find little reason to question the results. Your following is not representative of the entire golf world. It is likely skewed to the better player. That said, I’ve witnessed a few under 70 rounds from players who do not follow the rules religiously. One instance comes to mind where the player would shift his balls lie almost every time before swinging and brag about shooting 3 under. I just smile and leave it alone because it’s not worth arguing over on a round played only for fun.

    For me, when I do finally shoot below par, I want it to be a “real” score.

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    • Kevin

      Thanks for the sober voice in the distance. I agree that following the rules all the time when posting scores is very important. I proof is in the pudding when the rule breakers enter a tournament and shoot 10 strokes higher than their handicap. Here is to hoping your “real” score is below par in 2019.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, my best is 68 and that was achieved twice in the 2010 season when I was 49 years old. I haven’t been able to break 70 since. Right off the bat, you’d think age has something to do with that, but the first 68 was preceded by three rounds in the 80s and followed by five rounds in the 80s. So I figure it has more to do with luck and the stars aligning correctly and could happen any time, even in the midst of a slump. I’m hoping 2019 is the year!



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    • Brian

      I agree that it could happen at anytime at any age. We play enough golf and have plenty of skill to shot in the 60s once in a blue moon. I expect to shoot well ever time I tee it up and have a glimmer of hope that I will go really low. I think the mental side of things is just as important as physical. I hope to shoot low in 2019 as well; good luck with you goal.

      Cheers Jim

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