How Far Do You Hit your 7 Iron?

This was a very popular question during my recent Twitter poll. The 7 iron is my favorite club in my bag and it is one that I have the most confidence hitting. Not sure why this is, but it is a fact I accept and use to my advantage. Recently, I started to wonder if I was getting the most distance out of this club and started to muse on whether I should try to increase my hitting distance. As I am always trying to improve my game, I thought this might be an area I should explore.

Recently I as how far players hit their 7 iron without trying to squeeze extra distance during their swing. I was not really surprised by the responses:

Personally, I fit into answer B, 141 to 160 yards. I routinely hit the ball 150- 155 yards in the air with a little bit of roll out. I use this distance as my gauge for a routine 7 iron. I works well for me and I produce a very consistent distance; hence, it is my go to club.

I received many responses outside of the poll and most described their clubs and the exact distances that they hit the ball. I thought this was fantastic because I have always believed that knowing how far your clubs travel is very important to shooting low golf scores. It is a skill that takes some time to develop, but is invaluable when playing.

According to Golf Digest in their 2017 article, the average distance for amateurs is answer A – 133.48 yards. Here is video supporting their claim:

Considering the people I have played with over the past 10 years, I think the 7 iron distance a bit short. However, I would be considered a very small sample group and thus my numbers would be askew to longer distances. I always thought that 150 yards the norm, but I have no scientific data to back that up.

In the big scheme of things, how far others hit their 7 iron is irrelevant. It all comes down to how well you hit this club and the confidence you have swinging it.

The 7 iron is my go to club and I hit it between 150 and 155 yards. What is your go to club and its distance?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “How Far Do You Hit your 7 Iron?

  1. Jim,

    I’m about in the same range as you, 150-155 is what I can hit with my 7 iron. Personally, I’d have to say my 9 iron is my go to club, just seems to always be on good terms with it. Although my 7 and wedges are not too far behind.


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  2. Jim, my go-to club is the gap wedge from 100 yards. Although last season I worked hard on improving my wedge play and started to get comfortable with a shot with my 54 from 70 yards and the 58 from 50 yards. I’m going to build on those two this season which I’m hoping will allow me to get more aggressive on the par-5s.



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  3. Well, in general, I hit my 7 the same distance as you do. But I have found that if I really need both height and distance, that I can push that 7 out to 175 sometimes. This week I tried cutting a corner over water with my driver on a par 5 and pulled it a hair too much. I found the ball buried in the bank and had to take a drop. So my choice was chipping out to around the 125 yard mark and hoping to get it close enough to one putt ( I couldn’t go closer thanks to another couple of bushes in the way ) or going directly at the green from 180 out but there were tree’s that were too close to get over with my 5 or 6. So this time I chose to hit the 7 knowing that if I only got 150, I was still ok. But I wanted the green so I went for it and got it to about two feet short of the greens fringe. Thankfully right in the throat where I could putt. I figure I got right about 165 out of it that time. I’m not sure that’s the right play to try all the time, but on occasion, when I feel good about it, it’s something I don’t mind trying with a 7 in my hand.

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