Do You Have a Consistent Golf Swing

Every golfer understands that the key to success in golf is a consistent golf swing. Developing something that is repeatable in all situations; especially when the pressure is applied due to unforced errors. For years, I have worked on this fundamental and when I score well, my swing is consistent and reliable. The two go hand in hand for me. Yet, I wonder sometimes on how to actually develop this miracle movement…..say like Freddie Couples.

It is amazing to see that virtually everything about his swing is identical, even after 17 years of playing, recovering from injury and basically getting older. His consistency is something to strive for as an amateur player.

But back to my original question: How do I develop this consistent and repeatable swing?

The obvious answer is to practice. Yet, it is a bit more complicated that that. First I have to find the swing that fits my body type and physical attributes. There is no way that we can all swing like Freddie or John Daly or Rickie Fowler. There are limitations.

Finding that perfect swing that fits our game is important; once we find it, then we can develop the consistent repeatable swing all amateurs look for. Before we find our perfect swing, we go through thousands of variations looking for the promise land. The interesting thing is that we know it when we feel it. It may not look pretty, but it feels fantastic.

I have watched many different swings over the years and wonder how a person even hits the ball, but they do. Also, I have tried countless variations to my swing and have settled on what I do today. I still have practice to reinforce its consistency, but my journey to my perfect swing was worth every frustrating moment. Now, I focus on repeating all the aspects of my swing in the hopes of reaching Freddie Couples expert level. It is a journey that never ends and I am enjoying the entire ride.

Do you have a consistent and repeatable golf swing that you are comfortable with?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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