“Golf is Hard”

Golf is hard! No matter how long anyone has played, they likely have a story where the golf did them a wrong turn. I have many and I still think back with disbelief. It seems that no matter how hard we try, golf is its own master and has a tendency rear its dark side from time to time.

Before I get into one of my stories, I thought I would share this video for your entertainment:

One story I remember the most was when my Mom and I were playing in a tournament together. We were doing very well. I cannot remember the exact hole number, but we were playing at the Strawberry Classic at Paragon Golf Course in Kingston Nova Scotia.

It was a 128 yard par 3 over some water into a narrow green. The other team went first and and on ball sitting in the centre of the green. So, it was our turn. I decided to go first because I was hitting from the white tees. I pushed my ball into the water and the pressure was on my Mom to get on in play.

She hit her 7 wood perfectly. It had a very high trajectory perfect for an approach into a par 3. As her ball came down from the moon, it was heading to the middle of the green. What a perfect shot!

Unfortunately, my Mom’s ball landed on top of the our opponent’s! Both balls shot to opposite sides of the green; one into the rough and the other a red staked hazard. We did not know which was which.

Well I can imagine you guessed which ball was ours. We walked to our ball in the hazard, but we had a shot. It was my turn and I was able to get the ball comfortably on the green; then it was my Mom’s turn. She had a 15 foot putt to turn a potentially disastrous hole into a a great par! Well, she did sink the putt and we walked away with huge smiles on our faces.

Golf is hard. But sometimes it can be kind….even on the same hole. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. I am hoping that this season golf is kinder to me than the unlucky professionals in the video above.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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