Does Weather Affect Your Golf Game?

After watching the final round of The Players Championship, it is easy to see that rain affects some players more than others. Of course playing in sunny, calm conditions is the ideal, however that is a rarity in northern climes. The wind is generally blowing; rain is not uncommon; and cold temperatures is a given. Yet, as an avid golfer the weather factor must be minimized in order to enjoy a round of golf.

In the past, weather had a greater hold on me than it does now. I have learned over the years how to mitigate its effect and still score low. However, it seems I am not the only person who feels (felt) the affects of weather:

My experience of playing is inclement weather has help evolve my game and better prepare for the less than ideal playing conditions. Some of these have to do with my actual swing and others with my equipment. I thought I would share the to three with you:

  • First, have the proper equipment. In the past, I made due with substandard equipment that eventually lead to wet grips and soaked hand towels. I now have a great club cover for both my walking and carting golf bag. I also have an extra large umbrella (not necessarily good in high winds) to remain dry. I place my hand and grip towels up under the canopy to keep them dry.
  • Second, I have proper rain and cold weather gear. Newly updated, I have inner and outer wear for all eventualities. In the past, poor attire limited my ability to comfortably swing my clubs. If you watch the pros, they have the right gear for the right conditions. It makes a difference.
  • Third, I swing easier during rainy or cold weather. I have found over the years that by throttling back a bit results in better contact and more consistent hits. With water on the club face any slight off centre hit has a dramatic affect on any shot. So, by have a smoother controlled swing, I damped the affect of weather.

There are other things I have or do be successful in poor weather. These all work for me and I am sure you have your own tricks. And staying home is not an option when your golf season is only 7 months long…..haha. I feel I play well in inclement weather, but that is a result of experience and an ever-evolving golf game.

Do you play well in poor weather? What is a trick you use?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Does Weather Affect Your Golf Game?

  1. Jim,

    Ball striking wise I think I can adapt fairly well. I really just try to focus on putting during poor conditions, I will usually spend a bit more time on the greens to get familiar with the conditions.



  2. It used to really kill my game but not so anymore. While it does bring a few extra mistakes, they are mostly from misjudging, not mishitting now. I practice hitting ball first more than anything else and that has made a huge difference when playing in the wet. And I love playing in the wind. Always have. My bag has a nice cover that keeps my clubs dry. My rain suit is always in one of it’s big pockets ready to go and I keep one of my towels dry like you do, another inside the cover, and also keep an extra in another pocket of my bag where I store two sets of rain gloves.

    Tropical storms are almost daily occurances some years down here in the Florida summers so it pays to be prepared. And since most courses in my area are only a few feet above sea level, water has nowhere to go, so playing on a soggy course and in big breezes is something you really need to learn to deal with. But playing in the rain in the sumner time is also the only time you aren’t sweating buckets so I embrace and enjoy it.

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    • Kevin

      You sure have adapted to the inclement weather. That is a skill I have nurtured as well. I just I had an answer to snow….travel seems to be the only solution. haha. Keep dry and play well.

      Cheers Jim


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