Winning More Golf Swag!

It happen again! I wish I was talking about a hole in one, but alas this is not the case. I am talking about winning some more golf swag. I enter many contests on social media and my persistence has paid off again!

I want to thank Mike Johnny from 36aday and 36 Golf Co for providing the opportunity for win a toque, towel, ball markers and divot repair tools. Mike had a 5-week give away contest and I was one of the lucky winners!

It is great to win useful golf swag, but I have to say I am a bit sad. I actually can use the toque right now….it is still that cold. 😉

Thanks Mike and 36 GolfCo for the outstanding gifts. I am grateful for your generosity. If you have the chance, check out their websites. I am confident you will not be disappointed.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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