Is Your Reverse Pivot Hurting Your Golf Swing

I came across a very simple test to check the fluidity of your golf swing. Golf instructor Trillium Rose provides easy to understand videos that will help all level of golfers examine the basic mechanics of their golf swing. Today’s video helps you check to see if you have a reverse pivot on your back swing. Check it out:

For many, the reverse pivot causes that terrible uncontrollable slice they lament about every time they play. The stat of 85% of golfers slice is bantered around a fair bit, I am not certain if this number can be proven. However, after watching the players at my home course of Osprey Links, this stat sounds about right.

My friend Troy Vayanos from Hitting it Solid provides a great article explaining what causes the reverse pivot and how to correct it. He includes a video by Maria Palozola that explains what a slice actually is and how to correct your reverse pivot. I added the video below for your viewing pleasure.

I never gave the reverse pivot much thought before, but I can see how it is an issue for many players. Hopefully, now that you are aware of this potential swing challenge, you will be able to address it.

On a side note, I rarely slice the ball. Yet, I would be remiss not to try Trillium Rose’s test. I am happy to say I do not have a reverse pivot in my swing. Do you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Is Your Reverse Pivot Hurting Your Golf Swing

  1. Of the multiple ways to blow it shown in Maria’s video, I would say it’s the sway that catches me when I blow my drives. Thankfully it’s not something I do often, but on occasion I fail to bend in my lead knee and sway back a bit which ends up giving me too much spin to the right. Thinking about my performance on the 40 holes I played the other day, I’d guess I did it just once. While most of my drives were dead straight, one started off a bit right and faded further right in the air landing on the wrong side of the tree line on that hole. The hole sets up for a fade off the back tee box and a pull will land you in the water, so I guess it could be a mental thing that causes me to do it. I’ll have to try and remember to think about that before I play the hole next time and see if it helps because it’s not the first time I’ve done it there.

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    • Kevin,

      I like your assessment of how the hole set up for a fade. Sometimes the visual cues cause us to make swing adjustments without really trying. I will be interested to see how you handle the hole next time.

      Cheers Jim


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