How to Bounce A Ball On Your Wedge

Believe it or not, this is not something have actually tried often. I am quite surprised because in my younger days, I was all about trying trick shots with a basketball and spinning it around my body. Yet, this skill was never transferred to golf. So today, I am presenting a short video on the basics.

This explanation by Tisha Abrea makes complete sense and seems easy to replicate. I guess it is something I need to practice.

Believe it or not there is more to bouncing a ball than just to learn a trick shot. Like other sports, this skill actually helps with your finer golf motor skills that will improve your ball striking ability:

  1. Eye / hand coordination. Focusing on hitting a golf ball off your wedge improves your ability to make contact with the ball. As in any racket sport, your mind will be trained to watch the club make contact through the ball which in turn will help us complete our entire golf swing.
  2. Body position awareness. By bouncing the ball, you gain control of our body movements. Keeping movement to a minimum except to hit the ball is a great skill to learn. We move our body only as required to make contact; this will help develop a control of body position and movement. This is especially true when we add more complex moves.
  3. Feel for hitting a golf ball. This skill helps train our minds to have a feel for the club facing hitting the ball. By sound we will know if there was solid contact. By watching the angle of the club face, we will understand how a ball flight is affected during contact. Especially good for putting, bouncing the ball will provide an understanding on how the feel contact affects ball reaction.

Bouncing a ball of a wedge is fun and offers some relief when waiting on the tee box for your turn. it does pass the time, but it is not just something to do. It does provide offshoot skills that can improve your eye/hand coordination, body position awareness, and improved feel. Additionally, you can do this just about anywhere. Well, I guess I am off to practice.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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