Hitting a Stinger Like Tiger Woods

The ‘stinger’ golf shot is nothing new in golf. If you have played for any length of times, I am confident you have tried to hit this specialty shot. Personally, I think Tiger Woods is the player who popularized it more than any other player and would rate him the best ever at making this shot. I personally do not practice this shot often, but would consider myself a slightly better than average player when attempting a ‘stinger’. How do you think you would fair attempting this shot?

The stinger is not an easy shot to make, just ask these pros:

I looked around and found a short video that quickly explains how to make a ‘stinger’ shot with very little change to your current swing. Have a look:

The ‘stinger’ is an important golf shot. It allows us to play the ball out of difficult conditions and adds some versatility to our shot selections. Besides, if Tiger Woods thinks uses this shot regularly, who am I to argue. I do use the stinger and should practice it more on the range, but there are so many shots and so little time!

Adding different shots to your game is very important. Personally, the ‘stinger’ is one that you should add first. It will be a stroke saver and help you improve your course management skills.

Do you use the ‘stinger’ in your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Hitting a Stinger Like Tiger Woods

  1. It’s an especially useful shot down here in Florida where we often have to deal with lots of wind. I do it with my 3 iron off the tee fairly often and I’ve used it to get out of trouble. But I don’t generally try it with other clubs off the tee. If I think I need to hit a lower trajectory shot, I would normally club up and hit it with a shorter back swing. I’ve got a few distances fairly well dialed in with all my clubs including the driver and for me at least, that would be my first choice. Without a ton of practice all the time, I think that’s far easier than moving the ball around in my stance and still expecting to get consistant ball first contact.

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    • Kevin

      The key is tons of practice. Players who can hit this shot make it look easy. It is more difficult than it looks. I hit a stingerish shot yesterday with my PW to get under a branch. Worked perfectly because I was putting for birdie. This is a good shot, not just for Florida.

      Cheers Jim


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