I Have Never Broken a Golf Club; Have You?

I am one of the fortunate golfers who have never broken a golf club. I actually have never bent one either. I have scuffed up the sole a few times, but no real serious damage. I have watched as a few clubs disintegrated during a swing and one break at the hosel, but never at my hands. I am actually surprised at this considering I have take over 10,000 swings in my life. However, others have not been as lucky!


It seems that over 2/3 of golfers have broken a club unintentionally while golfing. I actually found this number quite high!

I will admit, that except during a tournament, that I rarely take any chances to break a club. I will take a drop and willingly accept a penalty to protect my equipment. Or I just punch out with a very controlled swing to ensure that my irons remain intact.

Having said that, I do take a second look during tournaments. I have hit a few rocks (unintentionally), trees, roots, and sign posts over the years, but fortunately I have never broken a club. During competition, I actually do not focus on my equipment much, but more on the best way to reduce strokes by either taking a penalty or making the shot. This course management process is challenging and my results are about 60 / 40 to the good.

Protecting my equipment is very important. I have quite a bit of money invest in my kit, so looking after it is very important. I do not want to have to replace my clubs prematurely because of a poor hitting decision. I admit that accidents do happen, but eliminating most of the conditions for them to happen is very important as well.

Have you ever unintentionally broken a golf club?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “I Have Never Broken a Golf Club; Have You?

  1. I confine my abuse of golf clubs to poor shots rather than overt physical damage. The most common damage likely occurs following impact just above the head with something like a tree; colloquially referred to as golf club decapitation. Guys who re-shaft often have a lot of failures with drivers but most are caused by worn shaft tips, poor epoxy application or both. Back in the day, I saw a good number of persimmon woods cracked when they smashed into the rubber mats of the era. What a terrible sound that is. The worst sound I make while on the course is “Fore Left!”


  2. Yeah, it happened to me. My first set of clubs was a cheap set I bought at a KMart and the 4 iron broke at the hosel on a tee shot after only about 6 or 7 months of play. Looking at it after it happened, I’d say it was just bad manufacturing. The break wasn’t clean and the metal looked weird and grainy. Watching your club head go flying off after the ball is something you don’t forget. lol

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    • Kevin,

      My first set as Spalding Rebels. The lasted 3 years before I passed them on to some other person. Far as I know, they lasted for some time. I hope I never have to experience the club head sailing away!

      Cheers Jim


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