2019 US Open – Final Day

Congratulations Gary Woodland on winning the 2019 US Open. This last round was riddled with low scores and players making charges only to fall short. The two players who had the best chance, Justin Rose and Brooks Koepka, struggled through holes 10 through 15. Their approach shots were not as accurate as in previous rounds and as a result could not get were not even the score at anytime during the round.

Gary Woodland played a roller coaster final round, but did not shoot any big numbers. Around the 11th hole, Woodland did fautler, however not enough to make a difference in the score. Woodland recovered after a stretch of poor holes to right his ship and win the tournament. His performance was not flashy, but solid consistent ball striking that ground down his opponents.

Justin Rose and Brooks Koepka tried to press their game. Unfortunately that course management strategy does not work at Pebble Beach. Wayward shots are punished and great shots might be rewarded. Both struck the ball poorly off the tee down the stretch and as a result could not maintain any pressure on Woodland. I will say that Brooks Koepka played better than I expected and demonstrated that he was up for his title defense.

Pebble Beach did not give any of the players anything. They had to earn everything and a few players did so, but those how did started so far back that it really was a non-factor. There were a few good rounds, but an honourable mention goes to Viktor Hovland (a) for shooting a -4 to win low amateur. He broke Jack Nicklaus’ record for low amateur at the US Open by 2 strokes. Congrats Viktor!

My pick Rory McIlroy could not get anything going all weekend. One of the things I found was that he became frustrated very quickly over the weekend. He seems to be at another turning point in his game. He is striking the ball very well, but his short game is less than sharp. His current short game is not sharp enough to win a Major.

None of my picks performed this week at the US Open. Take Gary Woodland out of the mix and I still did not predict very well. I thought this Major would see some of the non-mainstream players rise to the top. This was not the case and I will have to think about my predicting approach for The Open.

Congratulations Gary Woodland. You earned the title of 2019 US Open Champion.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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