All It Takes Is One Shot

This is an overused statement that many golfers falsely think will change their fortunes. It always takes more than one shot to change the outcome of a round. I can tell you from experience that it takes several shots in a row to really make a difference in our score. However, there is a requirement for that one shot to start the entire process!

I have had many great and not so great rounds that all started with the first step. As an amateur golfer, starting your round properly depends on your requirements and mental strength. The challenge that most amateurs have is matching the proper mental attitude with the first swing.

Despite what you may read or hear, it does take both to make a difference in your golf score. The ability to think positively and perform are skills that are honed over time. How much time depends on you the player, but from my experience it is a journey that does not end. The many detours are a cause for frustration, however once on the right path great things can happen.

During any given round, I could be successful with just one stroke; well, actually the start of something great. During my last round it all started with a 176 yard shot on a par 3 to within 12 feet. This made me feel good, but my positive mental attitude helped me sink the putt. This started a successful round that ended extremely well.

During this mini-journey, I never doubted myself and as a result, I did not make any poor shots. Some were not as crisp as I hoped, but the results were something that I could build upon. Thus, I could sustain my positive scoring and solid round. However, I need to remind you that it takes that first shot to begin.

As a philosopher I would have to ask: Which comes first – the positive attitude or the great shot? I think that they are synonymous and totally intertwined. We require both. I cannot tell you how to develop your positive attitude, but I know what works for me: I have built confidence over the years and that equates into a positive mental attitude. This was developed over repetitive practice and focusing on successful skills that work for my game.

There is no short cut; but when you arrive at the one perfect intersection on your journey, anything can happen. I continue to focus on my journey towards being a scratch golfer because it helps shape my approach to playing great golf. I can suggest that having confidence in my game is accentuated by many successful shots and possible a few awesome ones. But then again, I always believe that I have those shots in me all the time. I hope you do as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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