Interesting Golf Shots From The LPGA

When we think about great recover shots, we often think about Phil Mickelson or Seve Ballesteros. These wizards often entertained us with some amazing golf shots. But, the PGA Tour are not the only professionals that can do some innovative golf shots. The LPGA have their own players who can perform the same level of magic. Making any unconventional shot takes a great deal of imagination which is never in short supply in the professional ranks.

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Your Next Great Golf Shot!

Have you every wondered when your next great golf shot will grace you with its presents. You know, that one shot that when you make contact your senses immediately convey to your mind that this shot is awesome. As you watch your ball, in slow motion I would add, sail effortlessly towards your target, a sense of euphoria washes over your mind and body. These shots are considered ones that make amateur golfers come back to playing regardless of how our round is going. It usually happens on the 17th or 18th hole….right? Then the shot counter is reset and we wait for the next great shot.

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All It Takes Is One Shot

This is an overused statement that many golfers falsely think will change their fortunes. It always takes more than one shot to change the outcome of a round. I can tell you from experience that it takes several shots in a row to really make a difference in our score. However, there is a requirement for that one shot to start the entire process!

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AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is always an interesting event. It is one of few opportunities that amateurs have to loop the course with professional golfers for an entire weekend. Most of the news and excitement centres around the professionals, like Phil Mickelson’s finish on the 72nd hole, but that is not the only exciting golf experienced by the fans.

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