Interesting Golf Shots From The LPGA

When we think about great recover shots, we often think about Phil Mickelson or Seve Ballesteros. These wizards often entertained us with some amazing golf shots. But, the PGA Tour are not the only professionals that can do some innovative golf shots. The LPGA have their own players who can perform the same level of magic. Making any unconventional shot takes a great deal of imagination which is never in short supply in the professional ranks.

Take a look at some golf magic from the LPGA.

As an added bonus today, the LPGA has some big hitters of their own. Looking at these five drives, I suggest that they are 325+ yards in length. Booming drives are always fun to watch:

I enjoy watching golfers hit great shots. It does not matter to me if they are professionals or not because I think it is important to appreciate the special nature of the results. As I watch these players hit some amazing drives and innovative chips, I feel my desire to head out to play, but unfortunately the first dump of snow has arrived. So, my long winters nap has just begun.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Interesting Golf Shots From The LPGA

  1. We’ve turned a pretty boring hole into one of the more interesting we play recently. The hole, #10, is a short dogleg right with tall pines and other trees and brush lining the right side all the way around. They are so close I never would have dreamed of trying to get a driver over them. I generally hit a 7 iron to the middle at the corner and a wedge to the green because trying to cut the corner brings a lost ball into play. There is no finding one that goes in there.

    But we have a guy here who plays the hole differently. He’s got really good control of the face. He can hit draws and fades, slices and hooks pretty much on demand. And he hit’s driver on the hole. A big tall slicing ball. I’ve not seen him make the green yet, but he’s been generally within 5-6 feet right of the hole. It’s impressive. So, of course I had to try it.

    But I don’t have that kind of face control. So I decided to make use of my current biggest issue which of course is too tall a ball flight. My normal swing won’t clear. The tree’s are way too close. But, I found if I try to force swinging up, I can clear the tree’s. Amazingly, by a good margin. And in this case, I need as much as I can get because just clearing them means flying the green.

    That’s not a bad place to land it. In fact, it’s a shorter distance coming back than playing the hole safe. But when I clear the tree’s by what feels like a mile, I land on the green. I’ve done it 2 out of about 10. And I’ve lost 5 balls trying it too. But, 2 eagle chances out of ten means that’s the way I’ll be playing it when we’re playing our skins game from now on.

    Today I flew the green but got left an easy enough up and down that it was pretty stress free after the tee shot. That’s a high stress shot, but, hey, if I miss the worst that can happen is a lose a quarter. lol.. It’s well worth that just to give the shot another try.

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