Interesting Golf Shots From The LPGA

When we think about great recover shots, we often think about Phil Mickelson or Seve Ballesteros. These wizards often entertained us with some amazing golf shots. But, the PGA Tour are not the only professionals that can do some innovative golf shots. The LPGA have their own players who can perform the same level of magic. Making any unconventional shot takes a great deal of imagination which is never in short supply in the professional ranks.

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Exiting A Sand Trap Properly

Last weekend I watched Christina Kim, LPGA Professional, exit the sand trap after hitting the pin. Originally, I thought she took the long way out and wondered if that was the proper way to exit a sand trap. After some thought and her explanation, I believe that I learned something new or at least reinforced something I naturally do.

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Swinging a Golf Club Too Fast

I have often wondered if there is such a thing as swinging a golf club too fast. I mean, is that not how we generate power and create wanted distance. I have experimented with many different speeds and found that, for me, there is a specific speed (or tempo) I need to maintain to ensure I make the best shot for me. The reason I was thinking about this as to do with the United States Women’s Open Championship played this past weekend. As I watched these professional golfers swing a golf club, I realized that swinging a club to fast is a real problem!

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Anything Is Possible On the Golf Course

Yesterday I was impressed by many things, but two tweets in particular caught my attention. They are nothing spectacular with respect to changing the world, but it shows how professional golfers can take 5 minutes to improve their 3 foot space. Phil Mickelson and Tony Finau are tour stars, but they never seem to forget their roots! Continue reading