Comparing Two Great LPGA Golf Swings

Two of top players on the LPGA are Brooke Henderson and Nelly Korda. They are always in the mix and during last weekend’s LPGA tournament at Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament Of Champions was no different. They both had a shot to win, but Henderson lead from wire to wire to ultimately be crowned champion. Interestingly, the LPGA sent out a Tweet that compared each swing. Running the video simultaneously, I noticed many similarities and a few differences. I am not an expert a swing analysis and to be honest, I would love to swing my clubs the same way as Henderson and Korda.

Watching the video several times, the real difference in their swings occurs at the top of swing where Henderson has a longer shoulder turn and drops her hands into as less steep slot for her swing. Korda has a more upright swing and maintains her shaft position on the same line throughout her entire swing.

The other difference is on the finish. Korda holds her finish longer than Henderson, but I am not sure that makes any difference. The reason I do not think it matters is because their actual finish of their swing is almost identical. Overall, this observation is minor at best.

I have to say that I am impressed with either swing. These young ladies are at the top of the golfing world and their skill is obvious. Both are amazing golfers and as I said before, either swing would be a great choice to emulate. I enjoy watching them play and as a Canadian, I normally root for Brooke. Regardless, the LPGA is entertaining to watch and I recommend you do so this weekend as Brooke tries to make it two in a row her next event.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Comparing Two Great LPGA Golf Swings

  1. I would identify my stance as more like Nelly’s than Brooke’s. More upright. Less knee bend. Wish I had her turn but alas, mine is but a shadow.

    That said, I’m proud of the fact that it’s a passable shadow for hers. If you don’t look too hard that is. lol

    Besides stance what I see in that video is the difference between a one plane swing, Nelly, and a two plane swing, Brooke. When I had the big hook I had a two plane swing. Now I play a one plane swing. Just part of the changes that came from that first lesson I took years back. But if I really want to hit a draw with my driver, a two plane swing will help me get there. Muscle memory I suspect.

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    • Kevin,

      Being able to work the ball with a two plane swing is still quite a challenge. I find that if I try to draw the ball, the ducks come out. Nelly and Brooke have grooved their swings to a point where I doubt they have any swing thoughts that involve their swing plane. Regardless, either swing would be great to emulate.

      Cheers Jim


      • The thing with two planes vs one is it widens ones ability to add spin because it makes it possible to swing even more in to out than you can with a one plane swing for the simple reason that the body isn’t in the way when you change planes at the top like it is at the bottom so the one plane swing as more restriction in that area.

        It’s not that you can’t add spin with a one plane swing. Not at all. It’s just that you can push the limits easier for us amateurs at least with a 2 plane swing because you can increase the angle away from the target you can swing. A pro might already be pushing the limits of spin with their far higher swing speeds. But for us, the bigger the difference we can make the face in relation to the path, the more spin we can add. Draw or fade. Hook or slice.

        Tiger famously took many a two plane practice swings to exaggerate the fade he was planning on hitting off the tee. In that case he brought the club back and high and then crossed and came over the top. He was exaggerating to prepare his body. I think we too often might simply think to practice the swing we want rather than exaggerating it so we can tame it when we hit.

        It works with the 20 progressively faster swing thing I’ve done for years too. There I’m trying to reach speeds I won’t be aiming for when I actually hit the ball. I’m exaggerating and then taming. I might have to give this thought some more serious inquiry.

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      • Kevin,

        I definitely understand what you are saying. I have never tried to have more than one swing plane over the years. I never entered the stage of my game where it was helpful. I am not suggesting that it is wrong by any means, it just does not work for my game.

        Cheers Jim


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