Swinging a Golf Club Too Fast

I have often wondered if there is such a thing as swinging a golf club too fast. I mean, is that not how we generate power and create wanted distance. I have experimented with many different speeds and found that, for me, there is a specific speed (or tempo) I need to maintain to ensure I make the best shot for me. The reason I was thinking about this as to do with the United States Women’s Open Championship played this past weekend. As I watched these professional golfers swing a golf club, I realized that swinging a club to fast is a real problem!

Watch the tempo and balance of these professionals, it is amazing!

Every player on the weekend had a smooth, controlled, and balanced swing. The LPGA players always had their tempo under control and as a result were able to hit some amazing shots. It made me realize that at the start of this golf season my tempo and balance is way off! I am moving around like a I am walking on hot sand! It is funny because I checked out previous posts and back in 2014 I had the same challenge. This is the article I used to correct it: Golf Tempo: Important or Not!

In reality, I am trying to swing my clubs too fast and as a result I have lost some of my balance. Now, that is slowly starting to fade because I am playing more and understand where my tempo should be, yet I didn’t seem to have that mental thought while playing. The good thing is that it is not too late to make adjustments and regain my tempo of past years. I understand what needs to be fixed and must head to the range to fix it.

Trying to fix my tempo on the course is possible, but so very challenging. All experienced golfers know that fixing anything on the course is near impossible, so the range is best friend when making swing adjustments. Additionally, that is where we can seek professional help if things do not progress as fast as required: asking my local professional can be key to greater success.

Do you ever have tempo issues? Where do you go to fix them?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Swinging a Golf Club Too Fast

  1. Jim, tempo is the one fix I have successfully implemented on the course. I work on tempo in my lessons and one of the drills we use is to pause for a count of “2” at the top of my backswing. This inevitably corrects my timing as I periodically get too fast on the transition. I just go to that fix on the course and it works to solve a lot of problems. It’s amazing how off you can get when you swing too quick. My mental image is of Hideki Matsuyama. You could order a cup of coffee waiting for him to start the downswing. . .



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  2. I’ve mentioned this before for other reasons, but a few years ago I watched a video where Annika Sorenstam suggested we should be practicing the ability to hit specific distances with multiple clubs. I took that to heart and have practiced it quite a bit over the years when I go to the range. The situation you describe is one I fight occasionally too and clubbing up is something that has helped me get back in sync fast when I find myself fighting over swinging. One or two shorter swing approach shots and the practice swings that go with them is usually all it takes to help me get back in sync. And if not, I can stick with over clubbing the rest of the round if I have to. From about 150 or so in, I can find a club/swing combo to get me on the green without having to take a full swing. I’m not as sharp or comfortable at it outside of that range, but, occasionally, if I’ve been really struggling that day, I might still opt for it. If I’m having that bad a day, extra practice with short swings is at least something I can feel like is useful to me. I know I’ve tried to hit a few 180 yard three woods in the past. A couple of them even came out well. lol

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    • Kevin

      Again, that is great advice. I can hit the same distance with different clubs. I am most effective between 75 and 175 yards. Not so much with the short irons. I am, however, working on that.

      Cheers Jim


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