Your Next Great Golf Shot!

Have you every wondered when your next great golf shot will grace you with its presents. You know, that one shot that when you make contact your senses immediately convey to your mind that this shot is awesome. As you watch your ball, in slow motion I would add, sail effortlessly towards your target, a sense of euphoria washes over your mind and body. These shots are considered ones that make amateur golfers come back to playing regardless of how our round is going. It usually happens on the 17th or 18th hole….right? Then the shot counter is reset and we wait for the next great shot.

I am sure you are thinking about some of your great shots in 2021 and feel that same sense of joy for making a great shot. I made a few this year, but I always wanted more. Knowing that some of these shots are in my bag, I often wonder why I do not hit more of them. It is a topic I will have to muse over, but for now here are some great shots over the 2021 PGA season:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Your Next Great Golf Shot!

  1. Part of the reason we never feel like we hit enough great shots is our standards change. One year hitting the green from 150 might be something you consider a great shot but two years down the road, you need to be inside 6 feet before you’ll think of it as great.

    They say this is a game that can’t be won. And changing standards is the reason why. You shoot par, the goal changes to 1 under and so on. The round where you think of not even one shot as “mediocre at best” is non-existent.

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