The Last Men’s Night of 2019

Two nights ago, I played my last Men’s Night of 2019. Given the cold temperatures and lack of light, the sad day of had arrived for me. Although there is one more night left (next Wednesday) at Osprey Links, alas I cannot make it. I am in the middle of a move and cannot spare the time!

How I feel about Men’s Night Golf.

This year’s strings of Men’s Nights were very successful. We played many a crazy game mixed into some traditional events. The food was great and company always fun. Jeff and his team, as always, provided a great atmosphere for camaraderie and competition. Overall, I would declare this year’s events a huge success.

If you have never played in a Men’s Night, I recommend you find a local course that hosts these type of events and give it a try. For those business minded, it is a great networking tool; for those who like to meet new golfers, then this is the place to be; if you like competition, then how can you lose. Men’s Night is great fun worth the experience.

During this year we expanded our team for Blair, Rick and I, to include Murray. I have mentioned him before and was a great addition to our team. His booming drives and smooth putting (well at least last Wednesday his putting was excellent) rounds out our team very well. He has already asked about playing with us next year and we agree that this is a great idea.

Last Wednesday, we won B Flight with a 3 under on the front nine at Osprey Links. It was very cold and windy, but we managed to play bogey free in a four man scramble. Our challenge is that we could not get close to the hole. The three birdies we had were the closest approach shots we had and converted. The other six holes were no closer than 30 feet. Although we burned the hole a fair bit, we could not convert on those holes.

Being the first team finished, we went into the club house to wait for supper. It was delicious as usual and very filling. The peppered steak was very flavorful and a great meal for the end of Men’s Night season.

Finally, I want to thank Jeff and his team for the great customer service during Men’s Night. It is a challenge to process 100 players, feed them, and give out prizes in a short time. Yet each week, his team is ready with a smile and helping hand to make our time at the course fun and rewarding.

Well, now I have to wait 7 months for the next Men’s Night. I am not sure what I am going to do with my Wednesday nights. Not to worry, I am sure I will find something.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “The Last Men’s Night of 2019

  1. I don’t know why, especially this time of year when it’s so hot and humid during the day, but I’ve never heard of any night golf around here. At least not the kind you are talking about. I’ve never seen glow in the dark balls sold here either.

    We do have a course with lights though so we can play gold at night without needing glow in the dark balls. It’s in Tampa though so I don’t get there as often as I’d like. We used to have a par 3 course here in town with lights too. I played there a lot. In fact I learned there. When they closed that course I lost 4 strokes a round off my short game for awhile I played it so often. I miss having one close by. Night golf is fun and a far better way to spend time than sitting around the house.

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    • Kevin,

      I have never pLyed at night, it does sound like fun. Men’s Night is and after supper twilight time; we finish during this time of year at dusk. Sometimes it is tough seeing our golf ball, but that is half the fun.

      Cheers Jim


      • I play that time of day quite often. At Bardmore where they used to play the JC Penney classic, we can get a slice of pizza and a beer with our round after 5PM for 20 bucks in the summer. And we can play till dark which usually gives me time for extra holes. It’s one of the best deals around. I’m supposed to play it next week in fact with a couple guys I met on another course. Unfortunately the rumor is that the course has been sold and will be closing soon so they can build more homes. That will be a shame because it’s been voted as the best public course in the area most years. Playing the par 5 hole 18 with the setting sun at my back will be sorely missed if thats true.

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