Consistently Hitting the Long Ball By Indoor Practice

One of the many things I need/want to improve on is hitting a consistent long ball; both off the tee and with my long irons/hybrids/fairway woods. It is something I have longed for over the years and this year I think I have a plan to make it happen. It has to do with my previous thoughts on stretching, my orange whip and building an indoor driving range. Yup, an indoor driving range.

Indoor practice area will help extend my daylight practice time.

I still have quite a bit of work to do before I can make my indoor range hitting real golf balls. I received the net last year, Now I need a big space to set up and I now have that in my garage. It is going to be great and my golfing friends are almost as excited as I am to get things set up.

I am still working on the design, but the concept is there. I will also be building a larger hitting mat that will stand up to my continuous hitting. It is going to be great….I can hardly wait.

Of course, I will be documenting my progress on how things are going to work out for all you jealous readers, but have no fear you will be the first to know. When I come up with my final design, I will post it to see if you any suggestions. Until then, you will have to stay in a state of suspended animation.

One thing I am sure of – if I use my future net at least 4 times a week I will be in better shape come spring than ever before and my season will start at a higher level than ever. I mean, why not I have nothing to lose! It is going to be great.

Do you have a practice area in your house?

I am a grateful golfer!

4 thoughts on “Consistently Hitting the Long Ball By Indoor Practice

  1. Jim awesome! I have never had an indoor range and it seems like the perfect solve for your long off-season. I have a net and used to set that up and hit from my back patio and am with Kevin on this. It’s often difficult to tell if you’ve hit a good shot even if the contact feels solid. Another thing to note: A buddy of mind constructed an indoor range. My first swing with a wood hit his ceiling on the follow-through 🙂 He had 8-foot ceilings and we subsequently modified our swings so as not to hit the ceiling. Big mistake; as my swing was fouled up that spring from the adjustment. If you have 9-foot ceilings, great! If you have 8-foot, I’d limit my swings to the shorter clubs.

    Look forward to seeing your plans!



  2. One suggestion I can make after my past use of a net for a couple of years. Thread a ribbon or something you can easily see vertically in the net and use an alignment rod or piece of tape on the mat. When hitting into a net it is very easy to fail to aim properly and doing that too much can ingrain it into your swing. Having a ribbon to helps you see how far off you are. For a draw swing, since the net is so much closer to you, a foot right of the ribbon requires a requires a really big draw to get back to the center for instance so working on keeping the ball hitting within an inch or two of the ribbon is essential.

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