Adjusting Your Golf Grip

In many instances, adjusting can replaced with words like: modify, alter, fine-tune, or rejig. The challenge of adjusting your grip ripples throughout your entire swing and as such, should be saved for the range. However, this is a discussion for another day. Today, I want to talk about why adjusting your golf grip can be a good thing. I have substantially changed my grip three times over my career and each time it brought my game to a new level.

Just to recap here are the three basic grips used in golf today:

When I started playing golf, I used the baseball grip. It was a natural feel for because of my involvement in baseball, hockey and other racket sports. This grip worked very well until I lowered my handicap below 20. I found that staying with the 10-finger grip started to limit my ability to play well so after about 5 years, I made the change.

I switched to the over-lapping grip and unfortunately, this change was nothing by bad. I could not grip the club comfortably, nor could could I seem to sync up my wrist movement. I tried various adaptations which included the strong and weak grip. But to no avail. I could not get this grip to work for me at all.

Then I invented my own version of an overlapping grip where my right thumb rested against my middle finger with my index finger resting on top of my thumb. This grip worked for a very short time, so I switched to the interlocking grip.

About 15 years ago, I committed to sticking with the interlocking grip. It felt the most comfortable and I was able to experiment with weak, neutral and strong variants. Each offered its own possibilities, however my best success occurred when I settled on a neutral interlocking grip. It has been my standard grip for about 12 years. During this time, I have lowered my handicap from a 12 to 5 (lowest was 2.7) by sticking to this one grip and working the rest of my game around it.

Adjusting my golf grip over the years has paid off. I was able to lower my handicap and now I have settled on the grip that works for me. It has been a long journey, but one that I needed to make. I am not sure where my grip will go in the future, but for now I will make only very minor adjustments, if any.

Have made any grip adjustments over your golfing career? Did they work? Which one are you using now?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Adjusting Your Golf Grip

  1. I have always used the o erlapping grip. I tried interlocking but it brings some pain to a couple of my fingers that I can’t seem to solve.

    Speaking of pain, today, on the very first hole while playing in a best ball tournament my foot got caught by a rake I didn’t see and I went down hard. My hands were full at the time with clubs in one hand and the ball in the other. I got my hands out and empty just in time to save a face plant, but my right wrist got damaged, maybe even broken in the process. I wasn’t sure how much damage I causex,at first. The pain was not so bad to begin with. After putting out we went on to the next hole where they had a trackman set up. I tried to hit a drive and felt a ton of pain in the back swing. Needless to say, my numbers went too good. I managed to swing at 92 mph, got a smash factor of 1.47, and hit the ball with a pretty little draw even so but it only went 236. I came in 36th to the field. That was my last swing of the day. I had some blue ice in my bag so I wrapped the wrist and finished out the round only putting. I dropped 4 birdie putts for the team, but we didn’t really ever come close to competing thanks to my injury. I’ll be seeing the doctor tommorow and it looks like I’ll be out of the game for few weeks which is depressing sin e yhe weather is perfect right now. Wish me luck tommorow. I’m praying for a bad sprain instead of a break.

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